Liberals lost !!!!

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Other than Michael Ifnatieff, Bob Rae and Ralph Goodale I heard Ruby Dhalla and Navdeep Bains may run for Liberal leadership. Oh boy...nuf said I guess ;)

If you have a gun, you can rob a bank.
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Originally posted by irock

Windsor guys are a lot better for electing NDP........ (windsor is another area badly affected by the economy & manufacturing jobs)

Windsor west and Tecumseh ridings have mostly been NDP stronghold. NDP is pro-union and all about savings auto and mfg jobs. So, have they done anything or has anything changed? Nope, despite been elected all these years. Corporations will continue to make business decisions to protect their well being regardless of which politician is in power.

Windsor has the highest unemployment in the country and the core of the city is gradually but steadily turning into a blight with numerous businesses closing and houses for sale all over the place.

If GM and Chrysler merges as the rumors are, Windsor will see further job losses due to product redundancy. In addition, Big 3 have negotiated health costs with UAW. No such deal exists (health or otherwise) with CAW. Per CAW president, it means that the Big 3 are paying close to $1000 per car (made in Canada) for benefit burden compared to $100 or so for cars made in US. This will affect Windsor further. What's NDP gonna do? I am afraid, not a damn thing and it's the people who suffer.


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My total point was at least NDP finance minister or in that case any party’s finance minister (except conservative) would not issue a statement that “If you are looking for investment, Ontario would be the last place for investment”. And further, any party’s prime minister of the country won’t support that statement.

Did you get me ???????

NDP has done nothing until now, but I hope that they might have done something strong, if they were in the power with a government. Don’t you agree with that fact ????? So if Windsor wants a change in the government to make their party stronger to do something credible, at least they stood for it by showing some results in the election. That was my total point of the post………


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