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  • Common Myths About Canada PR Visa | Polaris Immigration

    By polarisimmigration

    It can be a challenging task to deal with the complexities of Canadaís immigration system. The complicated process will lead to misinformation as reality as it gets spread around.

    Here are some common myths which need to be ignored:

    Myth 1: Permanent visa is permanent
    Individuals who apply for a visa seem to believe that once they receive the Permanent Residence it will not be revoked, which is not true. If a visa officer believes that you havenít been meeting the obligation to maintain your permanent residency, your status can be revoked.

    Myth 2: Can spend as much time out of the Country
    Several immigrants want either to spend money, to travel, or to enjoy themselves outside Canada. The Canadian government does not restrict any entry or exit; however, one should keep in mind the number of years they are spending outside Canada.
    It is because, if you spend more than 3 years out of five years living outside of Canada, you may find yourself in danger of losing PR rights and status. Make sure you spend time on upholding your obligations within Canadaís borders.

    Myth 3: Youíre not a permanent resident if you lose your PR passport
    Some may believe that if they lose their Permanent Residency card or passport, their status will be revoked, which is not true at all.
    In such cases, one should contact your local immigration office to arrange a substitute.

    Myth 4: Your immigration program limits where you can live
    In Canada, there are ten provinces and three territories. Each has its own immigration programs, called Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). While each province sets the requirements for eligibility for PNPs and decides which applicants to accept. You are free to live and work anywhere in the country once you are a permanent resident of Canada.

    Myth 5: Your family friend or distant relative can sponsor you to come to Canada
    Note that not all relationships are entitled to sponsor you to come to Canada. Only some types of relationships make you eligible for sponsorship.
    As per the Canadian citizens or permanent residents, their dependent children under the age of 19, their spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner, or its parents, and grandparents are eligible.

    Myth 6: You donít need IELTS to come to Canada
    The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the three language proficiency exams that applicants can undergo for the purposes of Canadian immigration. In Canada, almost every economic immigration program needs the recent results of language testing.
    For many students, taking the IELTS can be a major obstacle, and itís appealing to accept somebody who tells you that you can miss the exam. Make sure to go through the latest requirement before applying.

    Myth 7: A Small Lie On Your Application wonít Harm
    There are chances that the government of Canada would check the information of your application after granting status, which means misinformation could at any time be discovered.
    In this way, you risk losing your right to work and live within the Canadian boundaries if you provide misinformation, accidentally or intentionally. 

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