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    It was nice and sunny day of August 29, 1999 when I came to Canada.

    I will never forget my first day in Canada! Looking at tall buildings while going to relative’s place from the Pearson International airport with little fear and lot of enthusiasm. I was going through mixed feeling of excitement and sorrow of leaving all the closed relatives at home. Although I have traveled a lot in India, this was my first step outside India.

    For any new immigrant to Canada, the biggest question is how to get job in his/her field? I would like to share my experience of success with all the readers. Little brief on my background, I am a Chemical Engineer, and I had 6 years of experience before I came to Canada.

    Although it looks difficult at first sight but with concentrated and directed efforts it is not that difficult. Canada is the great country with excellent infrastructure and many opportunities.

    I made very solid game plan. I decided to devote first week in preparing solid resume, finishing formalities of SIN card, health card and getting driving license. Next 3 weeks in applying for news paper advertisement and posting resume on web sites. I did not get very quick response in 3 weeks time so decided to look for some temporary job, which can take care of my expenses. I approached recruitment agencies hiring temporary work force, my knowledge of computers with experience on Microsoft word and excel helped me in getting temporary job very quickly. I started my first job in Canada! Winter was slowly peaking up. I started spending my evenings at library surfing net for finding job. I did some homework before coming to Canada, I became member of Chemical Institute of Canada and obtained list of companies hiring Chemical Engineers. I have started approaching companies by finding the contact person from the company and sending my resume by post. After one month of temporary job, I saw newspaper advertisement and got feeling that this job fits my qualifications perfectly. I sent my resume and started my groundwork by collecting information about company’s product and read my textbooks to brush technical information about the product, checked out company’s web site about product details. I was ready to face the interview! On one fine day I got call from the company for the interview, I was very much excited. The company was located very far from my relative’s place and it took me almost 4 hours to reach! All the roads and houses were covered by snow. Winter was at its peak. My interview went very well and I answered all the questions. I was eagerly awaiting their call. I got call for the second interview in next week. I had gone for the second interview. This interview was more detailed then first interview and also met President of the company. I got the feeling that this job belongs to me.

    Finally I got call indicating that they have mailed me offer letter by courier. It was one of the most important day of my life. The first thing came to my mind was name of God. I thanked god for providing this opportunity.

    I have started getting North American experience!!!!!

    Following are few recommendations, which may help the readers in making their case strong.

    • Prepare good resume as per current style. Cover letter is equally important as it is the first thing the recruiter or hiring manager will read. Keep resume maximum 2 pages and cover letter 1 page

    • Prepare about 3 minutes commentary about your qualifications this will require if you need to leave voice message, when you call any company or if you receive a call and the caller asks you to tell something about yourself.

    • Find out list of companies where your qualifications could be of use. Get the name of contact person by calling the company and send the resume to that person in cold calling. (Cold calling is approaching company with out job advertisement).

    • Post your resume on the web sites. It is a free facility available by many jobs sites.

    • Spend 1-2 hours everyday in searching job on web site or newspaper.

    • Follow-up is another important tool, maintain a book with list of applications made, name of contact person, address, phone, fax and e-mail address, day called and future day and time for call (based on phone conversation). Keep reviewing this book regularly.

    Finally, nothing in life is impossible. You have taken very big step in coming to Canada. Effective planning will make your dream true.


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