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    By qabio121


    readers this is first time I visited this site and I read a lot of success stories, and I find so much motivation, hard work, smart work and adventures. So I thought to share my experience with you guys. I arrived in Canada on 11may2004. And I knew couple of people here and I stayed at my relative house for 2 weeks, and then I found a basement appt, and I moved there with my spouse. The day I arrived in Canada same night I was just going through Mississauga news and next morning I called for a Sales job and they called me for an interview. I went for the interview and I got hired there. It was a cash job but very good commission. They did not even ask me my SIN.

    By working there 2 weeks I made so much money to give 2 months rent. But I was looking for some thing with benefits. because my baby was on the board and I needed some thing with benefits. After one month I got job in a factory and it was a labor job and trust me guys that was a real labor job. In the lunch time so many times tears came out of my eyes that was not cause of that job. It was because what I left back home and what I am doing here. Before coming here I did MBA and then MCSE and CCNA, CCNP. but after couple of months I got full time and I got all the benefits mean while I applied for another position which came up and I got hired for that that was in the management. This turned my life in a running gear.

    I kept on sending my Resume every where, and after about 6 months I got call from an Airline, and I got hired there. I kept both of my jobs for 1 years and I recently I quitted my factory job. For one year I worked 18 hours a day (I am including 2 hours of driving which was the hardest part). God gave me a handsome and charming boy. And he is 18 months old now. And I after 4 months I moved out of that basement. And I buy an appt. and then 4 months ago I buy a house. Now I have a full time job. with all the benefits and my wife is working as a Paralegal in a law firm. She works at home. And gets very good money. She goes to the office once a week to collect the files and then works at home.
    Now I have enrolled my self in Aviation management. And I want to continue my studies. After completing it my company is going to pay for my fees.

    To be honest with you guys, I dont know how and where the opportunities are dropping in my lap. And believe me the prayers of your parents work a lot. Do not ever loose your hopes. Keep on trying. And does not matter where u r working. There is always a room on the top.

    I know I am not a good writer and I skipped a lot of things and now I am feeling sleepy but I will like to end it with a saying. And hope to write again for you guys.

    Winners Never QUIT
    And Quitters never WIN.

    So be a Winner and please dont Quit. There is a room on the top waiting for you.


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