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  • Success Story of a Desi Military Officer with Engineering Background

    By PakistaniEngineer

    Having read many stories at this forum, I feel like to share mine story too. I am a retired military officer (equivalent to Major) who offered best time of my life to my WATAN, and then came to Canada with following five assets:

    1. Age >40 years, and not good health during recovery after a heart surgery (which happened after a heart attack just after I received Immigration Visa).

    2. Team of an under-graduate wife and three children (11 yrs daughter, 07 years son, and an infant son of 11 months).

    3. Absolutely no friend/relative in Canada, and financial assets which could barely satisfy the immigration people to let me out of Pearson airport. If I had even $500 lesser, as per policy I could not be allowed to get out of airport.

    4. Engineering experince in military environment, which was considered useless in civil sector of my own country, so same I expected in Canada.

    5. A strong will to succeed against all odds, like a soldier who burns all boats.

    After 3 years and 1 month of landing in Toronto, I am at a senior management position in a multinational company (and earning yearly salary >95K), have the coveted Professional Engineering (P.Eng.) license and PMP, am living in a $0.5M luxury 5-bed house (although on mortgage) and drive a nice car. My wife is still a house wife, and I achieved all the milestones with the Grace of God coupled with strong determination.
    I did not win a Lotto, rather started as sales associate at Future Shop, and got fired after three months (my Desi colleagues and immigrant manager were conviced that I don't deserve to be part of their dynamic team). My second job was as a call centre associate, where again my Desi supervisor fired me after 5 weeks because he believed that I can neither sell nor have good ascent. From then onwards I made three decisions--I will not work under a Desi because he can be good friend but worst boss; secondly, I will not listen to depressing advices of Desis; I will carve my own future from scratch.
    I made it a point that if I will spend 10 hours on odd job (8 hours shift + 2 hours in subway/bus) then I will spend equivalent time (10 hours) on job search. Result was an extremely tiring/exhausting life style with no time for wife/children and hardly any sleep (I found that the best time to sleep is in subway/bus). However, soon God rewarded me with a good contractual job, and then there was no looking back.

    My advices to all Desi immigrants are:
    1. Work hard to achieve a milestone during early stages after immigration, before going for recreation and before Canada sucks your energy and will to succeed.
    2. Stay away from Desis during first year or till you achieve a bare minimum level of success; however, later you can join Desi circle to minimize home sickness or to get cultural feelings.
    3. Believe in yourself and do not listen to loosers who claim to have more experience by virtue of having more stay in Canada. Loosers will depress you.
    4. Maintain close relationship with God because He will surely help you if u ask for His help. So maintain your religious identities e.g. if you are a Muslim then being in Canada does not allow u having beer or eating KFC.
    5. Try to find a work place where you. Do Not have people from your culture. Because then you can make an identity of your own.
    If any body likes to give his views on my advices then I will welcome all views at because every one has the right to agree/ disagree with others. 

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