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Choosing A Salesperson

I have read a lot of articles/forums that a realtor did not provide the service the client expected...and deserved. There are few simple steps you can follow when looking for a Realtor.

1. New or Experienced
All real estate salesperson are new at some point and that should not automatically eliminate them from your list. As a new salesperson myself (in 2005), I found myself more eager to look for and assist clients. I heavily researched effective sales techniques, best marketing strategies, and result oriented negotiation techniques which greatly paid off when I got my first listing while doing an open house for another salesperson. Discuss the experience a salesperson has outside of real estate. For myself, past custromer service and project management experience helps me greatly in setting guidelines/deadlines/goals with each listing or Buyer client. Real estate experience cannot be overlooked but do not let it be your sole criteria when choosing a salesperson.

2. References
A lot of prospective Buyers/Sellers choose real estate salesperson because a friend recommended that salesperson. Referrals are ultimate reward for every salesperson but you must still qualify that agent. Always ask for two references since a salesperson who is confident in his ability will not hestitate to provide the references. All of my clients since 2005 are available for references.

3. Marketing
Signing an agreement and putting a For Sale sign on your lawn should just not be enough. BEFORE signing the contract, request the salesperson to provide a detailed marketing plan including how will the property be advertised, which type of media will be used, how will open houses be conducted etc. Once again, an agent with a plan will not hesitate to share it with the client. For example, I carry newspapers, magazines, and brochures used in previous listings.

These are few steps that can help you qualify and choose the salesperson that meets your needs. I hope it helps.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Happy House Hunting...and Selling

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Agent Raj

Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 09
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Location: Vaughan

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Agent Raj
Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 09

Posts: 23
Location: Vaughan

After all the positive/negative concerns raised regarding realtor experiences, I'm surprised no one replied to this old thread.

I'm sure it would be useful to community to hear what others have looked for in a realtor and also help realtors learn/adapt/improve based on community experiences.

Post ID: 233707 07-01-17 11:44:55
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