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Essential Tips on Refinishing Wood Floors

By albertmartin

Although refinishing wood floors may demand time and patience, it is necessary to get back the marvelous look of your wooden floor. You can make your wooden floors look fresh and new, without having to invest in a new one. This article talks about the steps involved in refinishing of wood floors and essential tips on how to do this task effectively.


Sanding is the first step of refinishing wood floors. You can hire a professional from a reputed shop or you can also do this on your own. Make sure that things such as nails or carpet staples are removed from the floor before the process of sanding starts. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the sander should always be kept moving to avoid any grooves in your floor. The movement of the sander should be made in even strokes in the direction of the wood grains. The sandpapers used should also be of good quality.


Staining is the next step of refinishing wood floors. Sanding the floor leaves a lot of sawdust on the floor. Make sure that this dust is removed using a soft broom before staining the floor. Stain your floor from a corner to be sure that this tone is looking good. Then, you can apply the first coat of this color to the total floor. A brush or a smooth tag can be used for this purpose. The coats should be applied using even strokes in the direction of the wood grain. Let the first coat dry before you go in for the next coat.


The last step of refinishing wood floors is finishing. The polyurethane finish container should be stirred well before use. The next thing is to apply the first coat of the finishing material using smooth strokes. The first coat should be dried perfectly before the second coat of finish is applied. The second coat should be left for drying for at least 3 days before you move in your furniture into your room.

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