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Senior Desi
Member since: Feb 04

Posts: 213
Location: St. Catherines ON

Originally posted by chandresh
And now I am totally confused.................

I thought Gopalpai, you wanted to help. I am asking you how to do what you have offered to do, you write something which I simply cannot understand.

And therefore I am really interested. I know his son is studying some IT course and may be that is the networking he is using.

chandreshji, you are truly a senior desi from yur posts. it seems you have been in canada for many years and have been on Canadian Desi for like 7 years now.
surely you know that these kinds of MLM schemes do not work out for most people.
a very very small % of MLM people make money. those at the top tier (uplines) live off the lower tiers (downlines).
MLMs are no different than Ponzi schemes.
they make it appear that the income comes from selling all those wonderful soaps and shampoos.
in reality the income of the uplines comes from the membership fees of new recruits that is, new downlines.
the only way MLM sustains is by constantly getting more and more downlines.
the income from selling the products is only marginal.
and there is nothing special in those products. you can get similar things at walmart.
the exotic stuff you can get at a health food store like Whole Foods.

eventually, the MLM gets a bad reputation and the stream of new recruits reduce or dry up.
at that time, the MLM scheme is dismantled and dissolved, and middle and lower tiers are left out to dry.
the key players then get together and launch a new MLM under a different name.
if you do some research you will find that most of the top few MLM schemes are controlled by the same group of people or in some cases the same business family.
they simply dissolve and recreate MLMs every few years once the older ones get a bad reputation.
for instance Amway has been around since the 1960s (or even earlier).
it started getting bad reputation so the same family created a spin off called Quixstar. I am sure you have heard of it.
another example: when Primerica started getting a bad reputation, they created the spin off currently known as WFG.
if you follow the chain of command up, you will see that the same group of people keep dissolving and creating new MLMs.
it's like they say in the movies follow the bloodline.
there are two other key features of these MLM companies - one, they have a very strong marketing and brainwashing machinery.
this dept. is responsible for maintaining a good public image of the company and organizing all those fundraisers, recruitment drives and ra-ra parties.
they keep the lower rung of recruits brainwashed.
second, they have a very strong legal dept.
these guys full time job is to bring lawsuits against anyone who tries to spread any bad information (read as truth) about these schemes. their second job is to defend the company any class action lawsuits brought by people who have lost their money, and state/federal govt. bringing charges against the company.
if you spend a couple of hrs. doing historical research on the Internet or the public library in Toronto, you will find how many state, provincial and federal governments around the world have sued these companies.
once lawsuits start mounting, the kingpins simply dissolve the MLM, hide low for a few years, and then emerge with a new MLM.
but it is all old wine, new bottle.

a lot of websites speaking out about the Amway and Quixstar fraud were taken down several years ago by these high flying lawyers in suits.
ordinary simple people who were duped by these schemes and had lost all their life's savings had created these websites.
but scared that the truth was spreading, the lawyers came after these people and sued the crap out of them.
obviously these people did not have the clout to fight the big guns so they simply shut up and took down the websites.
a lot of personal experience stories were thus lost this way.
but some still remain on the Internet, if you care to do some search.

finally, I will share a story of my own.
I've had several encounters with these MLM dudes plowing at walmart, desi grocery stores etc.
in particular there was this one dude at walmart.
this was 7 years ago.
he was smartly dressed, spoke good English (guessing good private school education in India) and had an American accent (guessing a desi migrated from USA).
he started chatting with me at walmart about some snow boots that I was buying.
he started by saying something like 'looking for snow boots, eh?'
and then got talking the usual strategy.
asking about family, job, home, the usual drill.
said he had a full time job but ran a side home business that gave him thousands of $$ extra income each month and saved him lots of taxes because of home business.
won't go into the detail, I'm sure everyone knows the drill.
he called me at home many times (yeah I was foolish to give him my #)
I even agreed to attend the Amway presentation session with him at a hotel conf. room.
he did a lot of brainwash for me and described in glowing details how he made thousands of $$ each month (showed me some phony statements).
told me he saved thousands in taxes each year.
told me he vacationed in Europe and the islands every year (showed me some pictures)
told me he was gonna buy a cottage and after some years a boat.
on and on and on.
finally I got fed up and said no more calls I am not interested.

since then we never spoke.

however, every few months or so I would see him shopping at the same walmart.
he would avoid me and just pass by. no problemo.
after a few years I moved away to a different town.
last winter (2009 Feb or Mar) I was in that part of town again and stepped into walmart to pick up some stuff on the way home,
and guess what....yep this dude was there and he had encountered some desi.
I quietly passed by and guess what....yep, they were talking about snow boots!!!
bottom line: in 7 years this dude was still hanging around at the same walmart looking for new recruits.
what about the cottage, the boat and the European vacation?
if he were doing all that, why would he still be scouting at the same place?
and if he does have all that, but still needs to scout new recruits, what's the point?

sorry long post.
if you wanna hear more experiences and information, email or PM me.

Post ID: 165798 17-06-10 18:38:22
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 09

Posts: 407
Location: All over place

Originally posted by chandresh

Sorry sweetheart, but I don't think of my children in the manner you have described. And neither do we believe in asking the children to do all the physical work at home. May be you do, and I don't have any reservations or comments against that.

Take it easy sir...that comment has humour in it like many of your posts. (or may be I am mistaken to find humour in it).
ok ok now I understood (for you heaven sake, I am sure going to hell) you want to do something interesting during free time and if you can make money everyone's dream. The famous MLK quote "I have a dream...."
well good Luck...
Gopalpai, take it away!

Last edited by: manserwadekar on 17-06-10 19:09:11
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 04

Posts: 2873
Location: Western Hemisphere

Originally posted by chandresh

I have no eagerness to join the company, but I have eagerness to learn about a possible business line.

See, that's the problem I see with these Amway sleazes. They seem to know how to throw fancy words but lack the basic competence to explain the business model and the exact steps you need to take in order to understand in layman terms. They are good at the wishy washy nonsense.


Last edited by: dimple2001 on 18-06-10 07:36:45
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 07

Posts: 469

Originally posted by DesiBabu70

sorry long post.
if you wanna hear more experiences and information, email or PM me.


What an excellent post !

I think you covered all points with detail explaination

Whoever wants to know about AMWAY or something similar bloody ****, please read this post

Good job & keep it up !

Post ID: 165801 17-06-10 19:13:41
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 06

Posts: 115
Location: AB

Amway Networking

Thanks for your essay to clear my doubts.

I was under impression (as Chandresh said) that it is one of the networking solution company like Cisco.
I tried to google Amway Networking Certification (ACNA - Amway Certified Networking Admin.) but failed .


Post ID: 165809 17-06-10 20:17:04
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Member since: Jan 06

Posts: 74
Location: Toronto

Originally posted by DesiBabu70

sorry long post.
if you wanna hear more experiences and information, email or PM me.

Great Job. Thats exactly how these MLM guys works. Only places differ. Zellers, walmart, Sq1, malls etc. Would recommend this post to be a sticky so that atleast some new comers could be escaped.

Last edited by: zubs on 17-06-10 22:19:26
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 03

Posts: 2605
Location: Toronto

Originally posted by DesiBabu70

sorry long post.
if you wanna hear more experiences and information, email or PM me.

Oh so now I understand why everyone is criticizing while Gopalpai is not responding to my basic and innocent questions. She is definitely at the top of the pyramid I suppose.

But then this whole thing is even more interesting now. Why should I think of being at the lower rung and loose, when I can reach the higher one like Gopalpai and get away when people start probing too much. All rich people do why not aspire higher than simply some extra money.

This truely is something that is interesting that I am looking forward to, and as I said earlier, it might bring in some money on the side. Wow!

Let's meet up Gopalpai!


Advice is free lessons I charge for!!

Post ID: 165842 18-06-10 10:23:59
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 09

Posts: 407
Location: All over place

Post ID: 165844 18-06-10 10:43:16
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Global Moderator
Member since: Feb 05

Posts: 1920
Location: British Columbia

Originally posted by taker

I tried to google Amway Networking Certification (ACNA - Amway Certified Networking Admin.) but failed .

LOL.........ACNA. I love it!

:cheers: :clap:

~ Morning rain

Post ID: 165846 18-06-10 10:45:41
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 03

Posts: 2605
Location: Toronto

However, I am very surprised about one thing. I usually shop at Walmart, Zellers, No Frills etc. but have never EVER come across a single person like the one described by so many persons here. Am I a "non-touchable"?

And how come a company like Primerica is placed in the same category. I think it is a Citibank subsidiary and they would not do such a thing?!!


Advice is free lessons I charge for!!

Post ID: 165848 18-06-10 10:51:35
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