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Patriotic Indian Muslims: The other side of the "intolerance" debate.

In the cacophony of the secular debates, people forget that there are patriotic Muslims who do not need an Amir Khan or Shahrukh Khan to speak for them. Two ordinary Indian Muslims come forward to offer their views and how celebrities like AK and SRK are ending up hurting them.

1) My Husband And I Are Thriving Muslim Professionals In India. We Have Only Felt Acceptance: Dr. Sofia Rangwala

2) Indian Secularism is Colour Blind: Tufail Ahmad

Two good reads for the weekend. Enjoy!


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Thank you Sir. The words of the dermatologist and that of Mr. Tufail Ahmad comes, for us watching and reading the Indian news media, like rain drops on desert sand.

Similar was the open letter written by H. Raja, General Secretary in an open letter to Kamala Hasan, appearing in Thuglak a fortnight ago. He did ask a few uncomfortable questions. Some of the many interesting questions are

*When people are talking about their right to decide what they will have on their food plate, why can't they exercise the same right to eat pork and hold public protests in the countries of the Middle East where pork eating is banned.

* While the actor bowed to muslim fringe outfits and made all the required cuts to his Viswaroopam, he did not make a similar gesture to his own Hindu brethren to delete even a single line

* In the movie made by M.F. Hussain's son, there were a few Koran verses in a song, which was objected to by all the Islamic organisations in the country. The movie was buried inside cans after the second day and nobody from the secular Indian media ever talks about it.

*Of Intolerance, Raja says that it is the so called "Pagutharivalar" (rationalists) who display slogans close to Hindu places of worship that those who have faith in God are fools, scoundrels, and barbarians. Nobody from the Hindu community ever rise such slogans against these Left thinkers, writers, intellectuals and secularists.

*While Kamal speaks about the words Asthika or Nasthika as from Sanskrit but would prefer to call himself pagutharivalar, why he had not changed his own pure Sanskrit name or that of his daughter "Sruthi".

All we can say that it is the arguments made by these anti-Hindu crowd that is steeped in hypocrisy and fanaticism.


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