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Want to know how much it cost me when I dated? Mmmm. a small fortune, the

What was your date like? Did it cost much then? You can tell me and if you do not remember, then, find out. Here is some help.

Got myself washed and cleaned, dabbed a lot of cheap perfume, because it did not last long and planned to go to a nice restaurant and have a nice meal, (No Drinks then) and finish with a few sweets and stuff my face with that MUKHWAS, just in case get a chance to you know what, rub noses damit, and then head to a good movie.

YEA, the screens were so small we had to sit in the middle, the sound system was so poor, we could hear the snap crackle pop in the speakers. The seats, of course were flat wooden boards, of course narrow and the back rests were flat too. One of those times the guy ahead of me who was a smoker, used to send S.O.S. messages with his Smoke Rings and I don't know what brand it was, that second hand smoke was sure killing all of us who were sitting behind and few got suffocated too. Smoking was then in style. No one banned it. (Now you know) Three and half hours was too long, but no one complained because they thought that they were getting their money's worth.

With all of the screaming and the loud singing by a few, who came there just to sing, as it was their 10th time, and needed practicing, with two intermissions, to change the reels etc., was par for the course and when it all got over had to look for a ride back to the dark west corner called home.

All the bus services had stopped even before the movie got over and unless you had pre arranged one all the buggies were gone. Now you had to hoof back all the way home. A few had their two wheelers and got nice ride back home too. Only once did I get a ride back home on a TONGA and the cool evening breeze was blowing right on my face, and it was exhilarating. (I did not mean the Island of Tonga) That was the best movie and the best ride back home.

What did it all cost me for a Dinner and Two Tickets, plus the ride back home? You can now find out, how much! And if you have forgotten about it, then see the link.




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