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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > General > Any trusted handy man/mechanic for kitchen appliances please?
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Any trusted handy man/mechanic for kitchen appliances please?

I am Toronto.
Do you have any trusted handy man/mechanic for kitchen appliances please?


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Post ID: 234475 01-04-17 11:16:11
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The main reason for this society becoming a Redundant Society, is because of the users not being able to understand the functions of these simple gadgets that one buys for their day to day usage.

First and foremost are their functions. And when it fails to do what it is supposed to do, we put it away in a corner to get it fixed another day by some one who knows it a lot more than you do. All it might need is just a cursory cleaning or reading of the manual that came with it and doing what it says there in it. When you do that "Voila" everything will (all) fall in place and it starts to get going once again.

Since these so called gadgets are pretty easy to get and fits our pocket books, we replace them as fast as we can and we get ourselves back into our normal routines. Then we forget all about it.

To find a handy man who can fix these for little or nothing is difficult to do in todays world. Also there are NO cornershop with Mr.Fixit anywhere nearby now a days. So, you are stuck like everyone else not knowing how to get things going again.

So, my suggestion to you is approach a website like this one and tell us exactly what it is that you want and with all or as many details that you can to tell us, to go with it, so that some one can trouble shoot it for you. It might work. You never know!

A general request like yours will only get you a "What seems to be your Problem?" as a response.



Originally posted by nayadesi

I am Toronto.
Do you have any trusted handy man/mechanic for kitchen appliances please?

Post ID: 234477 01-04-17 17:04:14
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