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From My Digest "Quora" share

How deep is Canada in trouble right now for getting involved in the China-US trade war? How can Canada get out of this mess?

Mas Miwa, former Engineer at Hughes Space and Communications.. Answered Dec 14 2018

Not deep. It is becoming more obvious by the day that Canada is being held hostage by the US for an accusation made by a UK bank against Skycom, a transaction that happened in late 2010, a year after Meng was related to Skycom by being on its board (2008 to 2009). Does anyone really believe a board member is actionable in the day to day operations of a company? The common phrase for such accusations is called Trumped up charges. A very appropriate term for the POTUS declaring he can undo these charges if China surrenders to US terms of peace in the ongoing trade war. The timing is highly suspect. The judge in the case said the facts presented by the US side was suspicious.

Have you seen the US serve extradition warrants against the UK, France, Germany, or Russia for violating US sanctions against Iran? Zero! Are there US companies doing business with Iran? Yes, they are granted exemptions, almost 300 of them. How magnanimous to be the hegemon.

Decades of increasing sanctions against Iran have taken a toll on the Iranian economy and kept most companies out. But a broad range of organizations, from medical companies such as GE Healthcare to aerospace firms such as Lufthansa Technik, as well as educational institutions such as Harvard University, have obtained permission to operate in the country, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of sanctions licenses issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury in the first three months of 2014.

Below are a selection of 296 licenses, either granted or amended, for organizations to conduct business with Iran, demonstrating a sweep of legal commercial and non-profit activities that continue despite sanctions.

U.S. Department of Treasury does not make public how it reaches decisions on individual licenses, and its unclear why many of the waivers are granted.

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Full House
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Posts: 2469

Talking about borders: Huawei and smartphone privacy.

The Huawei logo is seen in the center of Warsaw, Poland
(Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The U.S., like many countries around the world, doesnt provide a lot of privacy rights at the border. The country can scan the electronic devices of any traveler, and save files and other data in those sweeps, and such tactics are increasingly common much to the chagrin of privacy advocates like the ACLU.

But there is a benefit of these sweeps when it comes to closing in on an international investigation. The U.S. Department of Justice charged Huaweis CFO Meng Wanzhou with a variety of crimes including bank fraud and wire fraud this week in connection with Huaweis alleged breach of U.S. sanctions on Iran.

From the indictment, some of the key evidence for the case comes from a sweep of Mengs smartphone while she passed through JFK Airport, where border officials captured Huaweis talking points about the Iran / Skycom situation. From the indictment, When she entered the United States, MENG was carrying an electronic device that contained a file in unallocated spaceindicating that the file may have been deleted []

As with debates over end-to-end encryption, there are complexities to the level of privacy that should be offered at national borders. While the general right to privacy should be protected, law enforcement should also have the tools it needs to stop crimes within a proper due process system.



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