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hi ! Folks ...

i m goin to take up Multimedia 3D Computer Animation (Dip.) from Humberg College. So i am worried abt the college reputation, job prospects.

HOw is the reputation of the college ?
how is the scope of Animation out there ?
how much wud b the monthly spend on a person ?

Sorry if i asked very common questions...


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Your job prospects depend largely on your demoreel. Of course connections of the departments within the industry also play a part...but that comes after your demo reel. I have not heard much of the humber college program but be aware that such programs are dime a dozen.
Also note that the college reputation and the ability/reputation of the department(e.g: 3d anim) may be different. So do your homework well before signing on. Get on sites like cgchannel.com and search there or pose your questions there. Try to get feedback from as many students as you can.

If you want to do an online course I would highly recommend http://www.animationmentor.com" rel="nofollow">LINK
It is run by ex pixar (I may add awesome animators) and will give you more value for your money. If you want to come to Canada to do your studies try VFS or Sheridan.
Heres a list...not conclusive, but a rough idea of the well known schools here.

If you do not do your research into schools well you are probably in for a tough time. Unless your demoreel compensates.

Recommended Services- Servicedomino.com

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