Love in the Time of Cholera

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It is based on the book written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I had read the book and wanted to see how it was transformed to a movie. The movie is R rated for sexual content and nudity, just like the book. The essence of the movie is that how long one would wait for love. Javier Bardem who knocked us off in the No Country for Old Men is so different in this movie, its hard to see if it's the same guy.


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Thanks for the reco.

I guess I will have to check this out for myself. But the two websites' reviews that I average out before considering a flick - IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes - have dismal ratings for this movie. RT is fairly stringent and gives this a 27% approval rating.

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"The movie is R rated for sexual content and nudity, just like the book"

I don't know anything of this movie but has read the novel so many times and every time I read there's always something new wherein I ponder “I didn’t read this line earlier”. The author is a Nobel Prize winner and his other books are also equivalently good. In movies it can look gross but trust me in the novel there's no sexual content or nudity, its pure literature depicting how passionate love can be.

If you have seen Sawariya (Ranbir kappor, sonam kapoor) there's one scene wherein every night Sonam goes to Salman Khan's room and ties a safety pin with her clothes to his clothes, and sleeps whole night there without even he knows she's there, though he knows she's there tied with a safety pin! This is similar to Gabriel's writings (sensuality full of innocence and pure). Movie adaptations are never anywhere near the books they adapt from.

Sorry, I'm just a big fan of his writings!


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