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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-07 10:16:17

The movie has done well so far ..... taken on Tom Cruise

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-07 16:55:18

Saw movie yesterday night.
Its okay to see once

First half is much better & really enjoyable
Second half is almost a copy of KARZ & nothing much happens in movie

May be I was expecting too much from Movie ( as SRK fan)
Also there is too much HYPE around this movie, but its nothing for nothing

Since Sawaraiya is CLASSIC & this OSO is masala movie
so AAM Janta will like OSO while people who likes Classic movie will sure like SAWARIYA

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-07 18:16:58

Now thats what I call a spoiler .:D


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 15-11-07 12:19:31

Here is what one reader says on internet abt OSO

* Lack of chemistry between SRK and Deepika. There was absolutely no love angle between their characters. The half saw SRK in love, while the second half was a disaster in this department.

*The abrupt realisation of Om about his past. I mean c'mon, all of a sudden you see fire and you remember the dialogues of your past, that too when you were drunk saying those lines?

*The big time flawed charaterisation of Sandy aka Deepika's punar janam. Her indifferent behavior even after realising she has the face of the famous star Shanti Priya. Don't we expect excitement knowing that we have the face of an all time star? Instead we see her chewing on Chiclets all the time.

* The songs, which I have to admit were not gripping. Jag soona didn't have any impact at all. The last song Dastaan was boring. Except for Dard-e-disco, Deewangee to a certain extent, and Main Agar Kahoon, the rest fell flat. There was no song which I could hum going back home.

* Farah's sloppy screenplay in the second half. There is a time when she puts in comical twist when you expect seriousness and the next moment you think the scene is going to be funny and it turns out to be really serious. So in the end there were many parts in the second half where audience neither laughed at the funny scenes nor cried at the sad ones.

* Badly etched Kirron Kher's character. There was some maturity shown in Shreyas Talpade's character, but I didn't find any in Kher's.

* The Ajab Si song was shortened, and played in the background.

* In Farah's movies we don't expect villains to be really scary. And the same applies to OSO. In fact, Arjun Rampal [Images] was good in the movie but not as a villain. Even he didn't have any scope in the second half.

* Although my favorite song before watching the movie was Deewangee, I thought it was a bit way too stretched in the movie. It was almost like a 25-minute song which went on and on.

* And finally, the complete second half itself was a big letdown after a great build up of the first half. There were many scenes, which could have been really powerful and hard-hitting, but rather turn out to be damp squibs. There is nobody else to blame other than Farah for whom overconfidence took over creativity.

Any comment

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-11-07 00:27:03

Dil me mere hai DARD E SHANTI OM

The second half of the movie was pure BS squared........While Farah entertained in the first half if you believe in cinematic liberty the second half was an insult to Karz.......very badly handled. While Karz is a tribute to the concept of reincarnation OSO comes across as a screenplay gone terribly wrong....I mean come on the bhoot angle was terribly corny.....and boring to wit...maybe Farah should have consulted with the great Javed Akhtar.......Karz had subtle layers to the Pran song Kamal hai Kamal hai.......but Farah seems to have lost it towards the end......there was no psyching of Rampal's in the original and no repentance. A nice touch would have been to bring back Simi as Bindu's character but maybe she is retired. But I would see Karz anytime instead of OSO and twice on a Sunday...........OSO banks on its smartness and parody in the first half but comes across as a poor remake in the second. Suddenly we are told that Shanti did not die but was buried under the chandelier...huh? (how dare you insult my intellience this way Farah....I have sacrificed three hours of my life to watch this?) Sharukh must have the most expensive 6 packs in the history of Bollywood cinema.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-11-07 08:23:46

Talk about waxing oneself eloquent .... hmmm


desi in ottawa   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 19-11-07 08:57:29

Saw it yesterday. Liked most of it. Copy of 80's Karz no doubt. Could have been trimmed abt 20 minutes. The last song was not needed. Anyways, its bollywood. SRK, as usual is good. Deepika has got talent, will do justice for author backed roles in future. Ramphal as villain is a surprise. He did well in the role. Overall, easy paisa vasool.


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