Sex predator in Supreme Court

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Decay of Indian judiciary started with bitch Indira who changed the system and insisted on compliant and “activist” judiciary. I have several times mentioned how corrupted some of the SC judges are.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi, the Kangress spokesperson demanded oral sex from a lady judge to promote her to High Court and the tape was on youtube. He was let go and is back with full vigor.

The same judiciary started witch hunt of Asaram and put him behind the bar. (Of course I believe that Asram is a fake guru and deserves his time in Jail). However the corrupt judiciary , when it came to their brother judge, is now constituting a committee to inquire. Lol! Different standards for different people.

MSM reaction is also similarly on expected lines. Arnab, who was screaming and shouting and strangely blaming BJP and Modi for Asaram did not say a word. Rajdeep, another dog barking Kangress tune was uncharacteristically mild.

Anyway, Can any one make a guess of the SC judge? Being in Canada for long, I cannot recall name of all SC judges retired during last couple of years. I just can recall names of a buffoon Katju and most pious, honest, intelligent, impartial (for he harassed Modi, the killer), honest, prudent and pious Aftab Alam.

Would someone hazard a guess?

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The alleged victim has named retired Supreme Court Judge Shri A.K.Ganguly as her tormentor.

As usual, human rights activists, feminist groups and women leaders like Shushma Swaraj are up in arms asking the retired judge to resign from his WB State Human Rights Commission.

The question is, having given important judgements on 2G Case, is he being framed and fixed by affected parties?

Although, BJP Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Ms.Sushma wants the Judge to resign, Mr. Subramanian Swamy hints that he may be a victim of Corporate Sena or Naxalite Sena conspiracy and that he should not resign from the Human Rights Commission.

This Commission is supposed to look after innocent citizens put behind bars without reason. The latter Sena, through overground staff manning their universal exports office ensure that those blowing up police patrol and shooting with their AK47s if the ordinary jawans are not already dead, are not punished at all. They might have tried arm twisting the retired judge into ordering release of some of their comrades and when not possible are trying to evict him through blackmail.

Is it a coincidence that till last year, a similar resign-threat happened to another retired Judge Balakrishnan, though for a different reason of Disproportionate Assets. He too was heading Human Rights Commission.


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