Tehalka Tarun Tejpal resigns

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 22-11-13 08:22:51

The celebrity news editor has stepped down after getting caught in a rape/molestation charge levelled against him by one of Tehlaka's women journalists, while on a trip to Goa.

For all practical purposes, Tehalka was the Dirty Tricks Department of the Congress which would do investigation only on BJP and other parties inimical to the party and Sonia Gandhi family. For example, they wouldn't breath a word about Robert Vadhra and his real estate deals.

Close on the heels of the "Snoopgate" done by UPA on Narendra Modi, which fizzled out to be "Snoozegate" the resignation of the MD of the investigation news channel has happened.

Is it because the MD had promised much and taken big funds but delivered little on the "Snoopgate", this has come about?

May be the Tehalka man was taken to task for the fiasco and he tries to run away
staging this drama. For, if Modi comes to power in another 6 months, he may not tolerate all such non-sense like this as was done by Vajpayee.


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The law of Karma - the same medicine they used for others... The amazing thing is how MSM, Tehelka and Congress is handling it... Complete insensitivity...

Hurat Honani Murat!

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Reportedly Tejpal is nephew of "Zero Loss" theory Sibbal! No wonder Tejpal is a dirty guy due to his DNA. If you read the email of the girl he raped, you would feel totally ashamed and disgusted by the Sonia henchman's conduct. Shameful MSM, especially Rajdeep of IBN took a orchestrated and scripted interview of Tejpal's in-house kept Shoma Chudhary. The whole bunch at Tehelka is a Kangress team with Kangress culture. That is the exact reason this guy would go scott-free . When a single party remains in power for 65 years, it subverts all the institutions. Kangress has subverted judiciary - look at corrupt SC judges, Subverted MSM- all MSM depend on Govt. doles- subverted police who act as per Kangress even in the states where non-kangress parties rule, for they get plump post at centre (read Kuldeep Sharma, a known anti social psycopath and very corrupt cop of Gujarat), subverted bureaucracy. A single party rule in democracy has destroyed all the institutions of democracy in India. Indian idiots still laud and applaud Kangress which bears no resemblance to Gandhiji's congress. Tejpal is creation of Kangress mind set which thinks they own life of all Indians.

I bet Tejpal would not go behind bar like rascal Asaram. He holds too many secrets of politicians and judges. Wait and watch

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 23-11-13 01:28:47

More than the charges their handling of the crime when it became public was totally audacious, drenched in and dripping with hypocrisy. They said that the news chief who preached moral high grounds to people in public life, was stepping down "for 6 months" as atonement, the matter settled "internally" etc.

CPM leader Ms.Brinda Karat rightly observed that the "atonement" should be done from inside his prison cell and not by taking a vacation for 6 months.

Not surprising that he is related to Zero Loss Kapil Sibal.

Apart from all these the Congress and Sonia are not breathing a word on this issue. Earlier there was this rumour that this Dirty Tricks Dept. was run by non other than Vadhra.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 23-11-13 02:17:43

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Tarun Tejpal is a tenacious and well-connected henchman of Kangress for many years. He is going to walk free. I have no doubt about it. The first indication is the “Joint” investigation by the Delhi-Goa Police. This means in spite of BJP Govt. in Goa, tejpal has already managed Goa police. Tejpal and her kept Shoma initially panicked that there was a Camera in lift. But having confirmed with Goa police that there was no CCTV, Tejpal has changed his tune and says that sex was “consensual”. Already stories have been published that he conceded to defer to Shoma. Lol!

It is interesting that Shoma gave a huge lecture and presentation on rape in India at the same festival where the young girl was raped. She blasted Modi before the world audience for Godhra riots.

Tejpal is absolutely enmeshed in Kangress top leadership. Zero loss Sibbal will ensure that Tejpal, his nephew, will walk free with Zero rape.

Indian MSM is shameless. Even aggressive woman activist Vrinda Grover who always shouts on TV and is in-house bitch of Kangress had already given clean chit to Tejpal.

Most shameful are the so called intelligentia of Indian middle class women who have been educated in English medium. They are senseless, shameless and hypocrite lot who always jump and heap chicest abuse on Modi to prove their secular credentials. These are women who have comfy, secure jobs in India because they can speak English and have advantage over other women who studies in regional language. They form the backbone of Kangress support as at the time of every election, they get 50% pay raise due to pay commission. They are most vocal and venomous lot who have tiny brain and hatred for everything connected with Hinduism. I have known several such women in my ex-wife’s family who believe every word they read in Times of India and every word that is spoken on NDTV. Lol! Tejpal is their icon and God. I am sure that if you ask any of these bitch in private, they would readily agree to be raped by Tejpal. One such bitch told me that “Tejpal is so handsome”. Lol! She thinks that sonia is most accomplished, intelligent and nice person who has absolute compassion for poor of India. She said that no other Hindu leader could ever think of “food security” and “right to education” except Sonia. Lol! Logic turned upside down.

The secular media would come in full force now onwards. Tejpal would walk free. He even may not have to seek penance of Sabbatical for 6 months! I think spineless and corrupt supreme Court which takes up PIL on drop of a pin may even declare that “secular rape” is no crime. They already have given indication by holding “enquiry” against their colleague who raped an intern rather than filing criminal charges like they did with Asaram (Asaram certainly deserved that).

Tejpal/Shoma duo would come out unscathed.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 23-11-13 10:18:54

He has applied for anticipatory bail. Hope the court rejects it. Now he is trying his best, along with his female editor (Shoma), to discredit the journo girl who reported his crime. Worst is that she is the daughter of his friend. Has he fooled around with Shoma Choudhry also? Who knows. Truth wont come out.

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