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First come First served.

I was not too far from the Food Court. The aroma of the fresh brew was wafting over all of the busy chirping and cross conversation that was going on in the mall. You can also hear the rustling of the feet and also see an elderly lady getting pushed gently in a wheel chair and getting shoved into through the door-way and all of this was happening while I just got into the same door way and I could see a BIG HUGE RED DOT on their logo and I said to myself am I getting into the right place?

Come on man get to the frikking story and make it fast. Why fast, It is Friday and thank God it is Friday. (TGIF) Would he make it any better if I tell it to you any faster? Hope he did for you.

The DOC gave me a form and it said you have to fast. And this fast is a different fast and i found out that I should keep away from the cookie jar for 12 long hours and NO JAVA either. That put a lid on my lips too. So, I was drooling when I smelled the fresh brew and all that was going on in the Food Court. The growling in my stomach got louder as the clock ticked.

Did I tell you about the Big Red DOT on the door? Yea I also got in and I was the fourth guy in the line up. I tried to find if I needed to pick up a NUMBER to see when my turn will come and there was NONE. That dropped a RED Flag in my mind. I knew that I am here for a long time and for a KING SIZE screw up. But it did not soak up, as I surveyed the waiting room.

I had seen a dozen people outside the door. You can expect that in any mall and who is counting when it has a food court handy and near by? There were a dozen chairs inside and 10 or 11 people were seated and the lady who got planted in her own wheel chair was blocking a good seat and my line started to move. And all they did was to collect the sheet from the DOC and your Health Card and that is that. WOW I said to myself, my turn will be, when the three ahead of me plus the one in the wheel chair gets in.

I could have gotten in at 8:00 sharp and they said DON'T. It is too crowded. You see how crowded the food court looks? Half of them who were fasting were in there and now getting their first cup of JAVA plus the Do-Nuts and then some. So, you AVOID that time frame and in after things quieten some.

People were slowly getting in and getting served and I got a seat to park myself in a corner in that waiting room. I could see all of the so called friendly faces getting out and a few moving in and taking a seat in the room. About 20 of them got out, THE DOZEN or so who were seated ahead of me and a few who walked in and got served and don't ask me in what order. AND I am still warming MY SEAT and no one calling out or letting me know what the heck is happening. AN HOUR Went by and I said to myself, screw this fasting for a TEST. I want to find out when my turn is going to be and so I went to the side of the counter and I asked. How come I haven't been called yet?.

SIR, we take bookings over the net and there are a lot of them ahead of you and we will call you when they all get served!!

I said WHAT? We honour the appointments and FOR those who CAME IN, if they did not have an appointment, THEY will get served LAST.

How last is last?

We don't close till the FAT LADY SINGS.

I swung my neck around to see if there was a FAT LADY some where in there?

I then saw her sitting low (May be the chair sank and went low) behind the screen sipping a hot cup of java and I could see the smirk on her face or was it a grin of a Cheshire cat.

How in the name of LORD JESUS will you ever F**KIng know when you will ever get served and in what order, if there is NO QUEUE system and NO NUMBERING that they follow. How does one know what kind of system that they are following. (May be they are RACISTS)

Watch out for the BIG RED DOT!!! Avoid it at all cost.

That is our health care system for us here in ONTARIO. Can we IMPROVE IT for ourselves??


Well I am not hungry anymore, as I write this. FAST is for those who go for the Marathon and the races. I am on my second cup of Java. TGIF.

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