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Disney Parks + Cruise to Bahamas

Hi guys,

I am thinking about going for vacation in Feb 2019 for Disney Parks & Cruise to Bahamas.

We are family of 4 and my kids (both boys) age will be 10 and 15 in Feb 2019.

My preference for visiting 3 Disney parks and then take a cruise to Bahamas (3 or 4 nights).

This will be my first visit to Disney and first cruise experience. I need some information.

1) Which parks are good for kids age 10 and 15? Order of preference will be appreciated. So, I can pick 3 or 4 parks depending on time. Where to find discounted tickets for parks?

2) Any recommendation for hotel in Disney?

3) I think I have to take cruise from Port Canaveral. Is there any other option near from Disney parks? Which cruise line is better and where can I find discounted tickets? Please note that we are vegetarian.

Anyone has an experience or can help me to plan this trip.

I appreciate your response.


Success is Never Ending and Failure is Never Final.


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Post ID: 237128 14-06-18 13:35:56
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Senior Desi
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I would strongly suggest you to revisit your plans to combine Disney parks with cruise.
Disney parks are extremely tiring and you need to take a day break after doing two max of two parks in a row. Only Jungle theme can be skipped but some parks may require upto two visits in order to cover main rides.
For the first timers, best and most convenient place is to stay at Disney hotels.

Above suggestions were given to me by a person who visits Florida / parks twice a year and I was glad that I strictly followed his advise.

By the time you will be done with parks and possibly Universal studio, you will need another vacation to overcome trip hangover.

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Post ID: 237130 18-06-18 23:01:11
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Senior Desi
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I agree with Ashwani's reply

Go to Disney . and separate the cruise for another time

"Which parks are good for kids age 10 and 15? Order of preference will be appreciated"
3. MAGIC KINGDOM ( this is a must regardless if you have boys or girls)
people with girls spend almost 2 days on this park alone

if you have time go to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. that is 2 days there

so plan for 7 days and see Disney and Universal.
Boys will love universal studios especially with the HArry Potter world and amazing rides

STAY IN DISNEY RESORTS. Not in private hotels. Disney resorts give the whole disney experience
Seamless travel to the resorts. Amazing experience

Take the meal plan . otherwise small expenses add up

Since you are first timer, i suggest you go to CAA and AIR TRANSAT in person.
You must ensure you buy in CANADIAN DOLLARS

online on disney there is too much info.

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Post ID: 237132 20-06-18 08:35:34
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If you have 2 weeks time, you can plan both together - it will save your flight expenses if you are not driving. Go to Disney first and Cruise in the second week. In Cruise, you can skip the external excursions or keep them relaxing. Basically, on the Cruise, you only eat, relax, sleep and occasionally participate in any activity.
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Post ID: 237133 20-06-18 09:43:25
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Senior Desi
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Thanks for responses.

My dates are fixed now...

I have 3 days before the cruise and 1 day after the cruise to enjoy the Disney parks...

Any idea about to get deal for Disney tickets and resorts ...

I am mainly interesting in two Universal parks and one or two Disney parks....

Another question:
I have USD account in Canadian bank. I can't access that account through debit card to pay in USD in USA.

What are other good options for Canadian to spend USD in USA (no cash)?


Success is Never Ending and Failure is Never Final.

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