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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 18-06-10 07:19:25

Originally posted by Ash20

Originally posted by benparsad


None of you guys have given any answer to OP's question.

It is not going to help OP if you respond to 3-1/2 years later !

Give free food ||

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Originally posted by rajcanada

Originally posted by Ash20

Originally posted by benparsad


None of you guys have given any answer to OP's question.

It is not going to help OP if you respond to 3-1/2 years later !

OK. I did'n't see the dates.

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i am a doctor in india n planning to start the procces is any on there to help me out i have 4yrs of exp in emergency servies can i get job on the indian qulification if not wat are the course to do there to get job ?? i had heard about the emt course & basic salary is 20-25$/hour is it true n duration of training required???? or any other course i can do after landing in canada ...

plse help ......

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I do not want to be dissuassive to your noble cause.

We had our local Federal elections in Mississauga recently.

During one of the debates for the mississauga ridings on Rogers TV one of the questions asked by the moderator a journalist at Mississauga News a leading weekly newspaper in Mississauga was as follows:

There are too many highly qualified individuals from foreign countries doing unrelated and substandard jobs for survival in Canada. I would like to mention two of the night time cleaners/janitors in our Mississauga News - office at Wolfedale Road, Mississauga are TWO Doctors from Mumbai, India. These persons immigrated to Canada a few years ago.

How as future MP(s) will you rectify the situation?.

There is another factory/warehouse on the same road and there is a machine operator doing the night shift is a doctor from India with specialization in skin treatment.

If you take a taxi ride from Pearson you can get to meet many of these medical specialist from India. As they find this job more decent than busting their behind in a warehouse or factory.

This is the reality for your understanding.

Be very cautious before you tread upon into the unknown.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

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