Buying a property in India

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 16-02-07 21:45:27

I would like to buy a property in India, solely for the purpose of having my mother get a visitor visa to canada successfully. (She doesn't have any property in her name at present)

I have a few questions regarding this.

1. Can I buy a land for this purpose?
When canadian high commission officers are looking at property papers of visitir visa applicants, do they take only houses into account? If it is a land /resi. plot, will that be considered by visa officers as a strong tieup similar to a house?

2. Can the property title holders be my mother and my wife? or Do the visa officers prefer that the property should be in the name of applicant only (my mother)?


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-02-07 20:28:45

You can buy land other than \" agricultural land\".

I can tell you with the experience of several of my friends that having ties does not necessarily mean owning property, but any tie such as your siblings / her siblings staying in India which can be a reason for her to go back to India.

It is worth trying for visitor visa for her even before you buy any property in India- in worst case scenario you will only lose the application fees. Next time you make the application, it goes to a different visa officer and his view could be different.

If you decide to go for buying property anyways, joint name should not be a problem .

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