Which college is best in Toronto?

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Hello All,

I am confused to select which college is good in Toronto. I would like to have your opinion on Seneca and Humber colleges. Which is best for education,Brand name, jobs,on-campus jobs and overall? Please give me your valuable suggestions in selecting the two colleges.I am planning to go for Post graduate certificate course from their Management schools. I have acceptance for Seneca in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management certificate for Jan 2010 program.I have also same certificate program in Humber too but no offer yet. So, I have to decide to apply that college or just stay with Seneca. I am not getting any info on on-campus jobs situation for both colleges.Which colleges have more on-campus jobs and which will provide more full time job opportunities?

Thanks in advance.

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George Brown College is the number one to get employed after the completion.
All others depend on what technical field are you graduating from.
Good luck

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