Team India scores 1.21 Billion

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 31-03-11 22:08:44

India has added 181 million people in last decade (almost 5 times the people of Canada).
India will definitely overtake China(1.34) by 2030 in terms of population.
The population size almost equals that of all the people living in the US, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
However, the census showed growth had slowed down from 21.5 to 17.6 per cent in the last decade.
Some say growth in population is a boon to India as it helped in achieving higher GDP as well as growing middle class creates huge market for businesses which utilizes money for further development results in higher employment, scope for technological advancement and higher growth.
Some say it is a curse to the economy as it eats the natural resources and results in higher rate of inflation, poverty, unemployment and diseases.
I don’t know which side of coin is head and which is tail? How other desis feel about the issue?" target="_blank">LINK

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Unwarranted population growth is NEVER good for any country. This often leads to (as already apparent in India) more competition among jobs, unemployment, inflation, and exhausted public services for the lower middle class and poor people. It's always the latter that are most affected by the increase in many-fold population.

Yes, it is a boon for the consumerism as more goods and services are consumed by more number of people than would've been if there are less consumers in the market. Businesses thrive no doubt and with more Globalization it's a charm. Last I checked, it's the MNCs that take charge in the job growth. Local industry, manufacturing, and agriculture is not contributing much to the job growth. However, it's not hunky dory and the poor and lower middle class are more affected, which is clearly more prevalent in India. When you have 10,000 people applying for one job then there is much to worry about the population growth than the very 'India Shining' boasting/flaunting from the (English) media day in and night.

When a very high unchecked population growth is coupled with a high level of curruption in virtually all areas of Governance, and there's no possible respite in near/far future then it's everyone's guess what form of society and evils this population growth induce.

Moreover, the infrastructure can't support this level of population growth. Before anyone cries afoul on the cities' infrastructure, please check that India is not only about the cities, but have to take Villages/Rural areas into account as well. Heck! Even cities have issues with the primary schooling for poor and lower middle class.

All's never well with the population growth. 1.21 Billion? Nothing to be proud of.

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Originally posted by chekram_04I don’t know which side of coin is head and which is tail? How other desis feel about the issue?" target="_blank">LINK

is dat even a question?
corruption n pollution are by-product of population. nobody likes corruption n pollution - not even in india. people have got used to it, but dat does not mean they like it.

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Originally posted by mcg7
silent and peacefull colonization of planet earth;) :D

Forget about it. Fix the internal problems first and then dream of 'colonization of planet earth'. A far cry.

As I mentioned above and reiterate, Over-population is not the solution but the problem for any country; big or small. Due to the fact that the resources and infrastructure are not suffice and overtaken by a very high level of population growth; and in the process, crumble. This also leads to the unequal distribution of wealth among the general populi. A basic economics, if you could please recall. For instance, when you have more patients than the overall beds in the hospitals of a big metropolitan, case in point Safderjung and AIIMS in Delhi.

Come out from the nationalism and patriotism for a moment and think rationally. You will understand it why.

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Originally posted by mcg7western world is looking towards indians to neutralize this growing threat, they know educated and tolerent Indians are the only solution in long term .
no wonder west never bothered by growing Indian population in India or in west:)

u forgot to put disclaimer:
above lines r 100% true, validated by none other than Obama.
yeh ander ki baat hai, kisiko bolna mat.

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Government cannot implement any law to control population because of democracy, humanity etc. Govt. can only implement population control methods. These methods are not completely satisfactory.
Reasons behind these are lack of awareness about the population control methods, social/political factors, ignorance by common people and lack of sincerity by the health and family planning department responsible for effective implementation of population control methods.
Immigration to other countries provides little help but not as effective as it should be as reverse migration already started due to current economic downturn in western world.
One positive thing is that we are able to obtain the high GDP(among one of the top 10 countries of the world) because of large population.
However, our per capita income is even less than Srilanka (yes it is true) because of this factor only.

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