Tamil Movies Do NOT Miss these !.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 31-08-11 17:22:50

The recent movies called Azhagarsamy Kudhirai now coming to TIFF(Toronto Internation Film Festival) and 180 Rules Kidayathu are two movies which are not be missed if you are tamil movie buff.

In the movie 180 they have used a high speed camera (under development) to shoot a song for the first time in the world. The visuals or Bay area are stunning.

The movie called Azhagarsamy Kudhirai has haunting music from Illaiyaraja and I assure it will become a sound track in future movie in hindi directed by Balki.This movie talks about a relationship between a man and his horse. It is very authentic village subject and it talks about very basic human values like compassion and love. This movie is one of the best made in tamil and yet it has NO stars except Illaiyaraja.

The english movie Ocean 13 has been made as Mangatha and Ajith is doing a George Clooney cope right into to the greyish look.

Tamil movies are going more and more international with persons like Karthi Vairamuthu designing software for making song lyrics called Lyric Engineering. In a recent tamil movie yet to be released called Ezham Arivu(gossiped as inspired from Inception) has a Chinese song. He has also used Portugese lyrics in 180 and in a remake of 3 Idiots called Nanban he has used 10 International languages in one single song.

Tamil movies and music is raising Indian movie quality bar.

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எத்தன் - is also not bad. Decent entertainer.
மைனா - is too good. Location !!!!

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Barring a few, most of the Tamil movies are third class typical masala films and nothing to be proud of.

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