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I agree with both Crenshaw and Mr. Shridharm because two examples from my family prove this. I came from India in 2002 and as luck would have it, i never had any problem with jobs or anything. My brother-in-law came in 2003 and he is still trying to find job in his field. He worked with Infosys for 5 years as DBA but has not been able to find equivalent job here. Since then he is working as junior developer in a local software firm. But Canada is not as bad as has been portrayed by Mr. Shridharm. If your background is IT and you have some vendor certifications then you are set. Otherwise go for some higher education. I work in IT field and what I find is atmosphere in canada is even more conducive than US for starting your own business. I do my own cosulting on side for about 10-20 hours per week and made about $70000 from that last year. I don't like stating these salary figures but I guess this is required in this discussion. You just have to analyse the job market where you want to settle down and prepare accordingly. eg web designing is huge in Vancouver(BC), so if you are planning to come to this portion of canada then better learn these techs. Now if you go to Toronto you find that web designing won't get you that kinda job because in that area J2EE is huge. I can't resist commenting on Mr. Shridharm's no jobs at all in canada statement. I got this e-mail a while back -
\"3 SAP longterm contracts Vancouver

Our client is doing a new implementation in Vancouver for minimum 12 months to start

If you are not available, PLEASE forward to colleagues? $500 referral fee incentive to YOU if your colleague gets this contract Please ask your colleague to mENTION your name

1. SAP Enterprise Portal developer Version 5.ob
2. SAP Business Warehouse BI Functional Analyst
3. HR Payroll Analyst\"

Subsequently these guys posted this job on various job boards as well. So what I want to say is, if there are no jobs then why the companies are paying referal bonuses. They are doing it because they are unable to find right people. So the only thing you have to do is analyze the job market of the area where you are planning to settle down and get the skills in demand. I only know about IT sector because I work in this sector but I guess others are same as well.

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Hey Aman

Nice to know that you are in vancouver. have't known a lot of CD members who are in vancouver area.

We will find a way or we will make one

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I think this subject has been discussed so many times here that I have lost count. Such discussions have led to creation of "successful stories" forums by the mods and those who belong to the "positive" thinking and "canada is not a bad place" boats. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, most of these people are those who did not have much difficulty in getting jobs after immigration. Similarly, most on the other side who have been reviling Canada are those who have not been able to get jobs and have been forced into jobs that they were against their expectations.
The argument will never end because while the feud goes on, people refuse to stop and take cognizance of the fact that as in any case, there are factors that work in favour towards chances of getting a job and there are factors that are just the opposite. Instead of ganging up and devolving every discussison of this type into the "positive attitude walas" and the "negative attitude wala" complainers, why don't people come out and list out the OTHER factors that immigrants should consider BEFORE deciding to immigrate.
It is an agreed fact that once you are alreadyIN Canada, whether you like it or not, it makes more sense to struggle and strive for success rather than only grumble. ONLY complaining does no one any good, except perhaps giving the satisfaction of having vented one's feelings.
With all the experts we have on this board, who have such varying experiences and come from different backgrounds, why don't they spell out what in their opinion are the factors that a person should consider and evaluate before coming here, that are going to affect or play a role in determining his chances of success after coming here.
I had made an attempt at it sometime ago. That will be something, that IMO, may prove helpful in a general sense to those who are still in the decision making phase.
As an example, even after the IT bubble burst, it is wrong to consider the chances of success of a person with an IT background to be equally applicable to people who are not IT. Similarly, barring exceptions, a person who is between 35 and 45 cannot hope to have the same expectation of getting what he wants as a 25-30 year old. People who have worked in the US before coming here, and I see a large and growing number of such people here, are in a different boat and have far better odds at getting a decent break than someone with the same qualification and experience but coming from India.
Canada is neither ALL good nor ALL bad. How good a place is depends on how an individual perceives it. The place, that in his perception, fulfills his needs and expectations, is good for him. The same place can be hell for another who perceives it as one where he has been a failure and that has cost him to lose what he had. It is a deadlocked situation. No amount of arguments can convince the other to the contrary.
So, stop trying to do that!

The Cynic

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I completely agree with your post.I have posted job vacancy for lab administrator in our company in Jobs section.I have not received single resume until now and this shows there is demand for IT skills in Canada

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-08-06 14:04:09

Great thread.

Both positives and negatives of life in canada are analyzed well.

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