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40"-46" LCD TV

Wanting to buy a LCD screen TV this month.

I would appreciate any feedback/suggestions on the brand name/price range/wall mountingvs TV stand etc.



Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 06
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Post ID: 112067 05-12-07 12:57:06
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Rajeev Narula
Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 05

Posts: 409
Location: Mississauga


I am more geared towards SHARP AQUOS 46" LC46D82U. It si currently on sale at BestBuy & Future Shop for 2299 plus taxes. I am sure you would be able to negotiate further at future shop to save few more bucks. HDMI cables at these stores are way too expensive. I would suggest Costco for can get them for 80-90 bucks. Their package includes a couple of HDMI cables and 3 sets of AV cables.

If you can wait a few more days, there may be a further reduction in prices near the Boxing Day (as one of the employees told me)..and you may even benefit by 1% GST cut as they may also start passing this on even earlier to make sales.

Let me know you opinion on this too. I studied a lots of them and narrowed down on Panasonic for Plasma and Sharp for LCDs.

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Post ID: 112083 05-12-07 15:59:57
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 07

Posts: 121

You can get generic cables for cheap at [] . I have ordered HDMI, optical and speaker cables from them and am more than happy with the quality. They ship to Canada.

Post ID: 112084 05-12-07 16:23:48
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Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 06

Posts: 275

IMHO sony bravia 1080p is the best in LCD TVs. Samsung comes second. One piece of advice, when you buy the TV the sales guy might try to sell you Monster brand cables which is very expensive. Dont fall for it. Like ash_canada mentioned get your cables from


Post ID: 112091 05-12-07 22:48:39
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Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 08

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Location: Brampton, Ont, Canada

Any good deals on LCD or Plasma 40"-42" -

I have been watching FS / BB but price are still high.

Anyone has got good deal recently ?

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

Post ID: 162630 27-04-10 13:52:45
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 07

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Location: Calgary

We bought LG42" LED last Saturday from Best Buy. There is a trade-in event going on (ending on 29th) and we trade in our old box TV for $200 off.

This TV has 2 USB port and connect to PC via wifi. Picture quality is better than plasma and LCD.

If you have movies or vid. on USB or a shared folder on your home network, then you can watch directly.

We don't have HD receiver so I am not very happy with the picture quality of SD channels. I would suggest if you dont have HD receiver for cable, than smaller is the better or stick with old box TV

I played Avatar 1080p resolution just to test the picture quality and it was mind blowing..

Post ID: 162631 27-04-10 14:09:29
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