Good job, Bihar women's commission: Udit Narayan finally accepts Biwi #1

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PATNA: Bollywood playback singer Udit Narayan on Friday reached a rapprochement with Ranjana Narayan and accepted her as his wife, Bihar Women's Commission said.

Udit, accompanied by his lawyer Majid Menon, arrived from Mumbai by a flight and drove straight to depose before the state Women's Commission office.

Both Udit and Ranjana signed a bond paper resolving their disputes, Bihar Women's Commission Chairperson Manju Prakash said.

Emerging from the Commission's proceedings, Prakash said "it is a happy moment for us. Both Udit and Ranjana have reached a compromise".

Asked about the status of Deepa Narayan, whom Udit had claimed to be his wife earlier, the state Women's Commission Chairperson said "I have not not received any application or complaint from her".

"The Commission examined the complaints of Ranjana after she submitted documents relating to her marriage with Udit and we are now satisfied that Udit agreed to accept her", she added.

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