Dilli - by Rabbi Shergill

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Mungeri Lal   
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For all those who have the Delhi Passion, the song Dilli by Rabbi Shergill in the movie Delhi Heights, sounds like a rich and full song. Just watched this song on ATN and the song re-kindled the connection that I had with Delhi. What was notable in this song was the ease with which Rabbi captures the life of Delhi. There is even the mention of Qutb Minar, Lal Quila and the Old Fort in the song ! This song took me to those golden Delhi University days when we thought that Delhi was almost entirely run by the DU guys, those days of no commitments and endless speculations, idealism and dreams !

Rabbi has always taken a different path. His last album \\\"Rabbi\\\" was a masterpiece, very different in the sense that he mixes Sufi music with Rock ! I hope he does well in Bollywood, we need creative people with unbroken spirits like him. Enjoy the song, I am not even sure if the film has been released yet or not.

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Delhi Heights an outstanding sound track. The new music director Rabbi Shergill can fuse western rock & roll, pop and blue grass for Indian Punjabi film music.


The movie produced by Sivaji Productions, Chennai by Prabhu(tamil actor) with parts of the movie shot in their home in T.Nagar(the last scene where Neha and Jimmy make up and also shots involving Madhavan) is decent fare.

The song rendered by Sonu Nigam has good guitar chords of the type of blue grass inspired by Mark Knopfler and the other song as mentioned by Mungeri Lal the title (end song) - Dilli is an outstanding modern rock&roll song with shades of Van Halen - Jump guitar in between.

This movie is a refreshing change from the typical Yash/B.R.Chopra productions.

This sound track will last a long time.


Speech by Thomas Friedman of The New York Times....

"When we were young kids growing up in America, we were told to eat our
vegetables at dinner and not leave them. Mothers said, 'think of the
starving children in India and finish the dinner.' And now I tell my
children: 'Finish your maths homework. Think of the children in India
who would make you starve, if you don't.'"

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