Olympic - What is in China that India lacks

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Well hosting olympics is something wouldn't be of huge concern but the participants.

Originally posted by avyas

Medals are not everything. Olympics is a farce. Only two weeks glory. Check back after one month about cost overruns and residents paying through their nose for all the glory.

I had seen the results of 1974 Olympics in Montreal. Mayor Jean Dreapou made a statement before olympics that "It will pay for itself', however, residents of Montreal (and to some degree citizens of Canada) are still paying for it. Cost were more than double it's original estimates and workmenship of buildings were very poor.

I went to olympic village buildings after the olympics when they decided to sale those apartments. It was lousy and poorly planned. The steps of main olympic stadium were so narrow taht they were really unsafe.

So, India, don't worry about medals and hosting olympics. Just pay attention to general health and well being of citizens. Build lot of small playing fields and swimming pools for rcreation anf pleasure of young people.

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What’s even more concerning is the falsified news about the livelihood of Chinese citizens. The CCP closed down a tremendous amount of factories, restricted traffic, and siphoned 1.6 billion cubic meters of water out of neighboring provinces to wash out polluted ditches and keep Beijing supplied with as much as 30 percent more water than it normally consumes.

They even put up posters saying “reduce travel to make room on the streets for foreigners” in Taoranting Park.

In order for the regime to bark about the “prosperity” of blue skies, clear and ample water and smooth traffic, the Chinese people are the ones who have had to suffer from a loss of income, inconveniences in travel, and no water for farm lands.

But maybe even worse than the stock-market scandal is the fallacy of the so-called “harmonious society.” Due to the fact that this matter involves issues as significant as fundamental human rights, it demands attention from the outside world.

Everyone that the CCP deemed to be a so-called a “threat to the success of the Olympics” was either arrested or deported back to their home town before the Games began. These cases range from renowned human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, AIDS activist Hu Jia, more than 8,000 Falun Gong practitioners, migrant workers trying to petition for their rights, out of town college students and foreigners who were either working or studying in Beijing.



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Is it true that, in China the price of rice have not gone up since 1950s? In India for majority of the population making both ends meet itself is a medal winning achievement. May be if we need not have to worry about the essentials we too can concentrate more on Olympics.


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Chinese do not play stupid cricket but they are very active in athlete, and gymnasium and winning gold medals; They are determined and goal oriented. India needs a strong intellectual leader to guide them to a better tomorrow. Presently India is not utilizing the manpower properly. Indian are very active in dirty politics and spoiling the country the directly and slowing down the other parts of the world indirectly.

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Originally posted by ramar2005

Is it true that, in China the price of rice have not gone up since 1950s? .

Not that it is related to the topic directly but this is not true

Check http://www.newsgd.com/enjoylife/living/shopping/200404010002.htm

The price of 25 kilograms of standard rice from Northeast China was marked 80 yuan (US$9.7) in a wholesale market in Futian on Tuesday, a 23-percent increase compared to the 65 yuan in January.

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Olympics, from Indian point of view, are unfair. When Lalu was asked why India did not win medals, he pointed out that Olympic is not seccular. When Paswan was asked , he opined that since the judges are not Muslim, the games are unfair. When Arjun Singh was asked the question, he opined that since there is no reservation , olympic should be banned. CPM, of course, came up with the best solution: Merge India with China and we are winners!
Now you know why India does not do as well as China.

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