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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 10-01-09 19:03:47

hi all,

we had few people visited us today regarding Swadhyay parivar activities in GTA area and requested us to come to some Gita Pravachan.
while looking on internet we read couple of negative news about the panth and also dispite of asking many time, they didnt tell us howcome they got our names and address( even the full name which we never fill in any mandir or any other religious places)

the activities and information they were telling us sounded interested but we were not shocked after reading on internet.

any feedback or ideas...

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 11-01-09 08:02:55

any one?? please

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 11-01-09 11:45:49

Swadhyay is good activity . They are arranging various programmes . I was part of that . Being part of swadhyay parivar , you want feel lonely . There several activities for ladies & bal sanskar kendra where they teaches good things to children . They are teaching our MANTRAS , CHANTS & SHLOKS . So being part of this parivar is beneficiary for u , u will get help - support from members of parivar . They will help on the name of parivar .
There are some negative things .
Earlier when DADA - Pandurang athvale was there this activity was going on very good . But after death of DADA , his daughter called DIDI take over his chair & the problem is that , there are some allegation about property & they use mussle power who oppose it .
But this negative things is on the top level .
There is no harm to join swadhyay pariver , sure u will be gaining .
sorry for my english '''''''''''


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 11-01-09 12:17:29

Not sure about who represents Swadhay in Canada...

We attended few meetings when we were in Sharjah.

They were all good people. Actually when we met a small group of people for the first time, we were a bit sceptical as to what they want from us..any donations, favor of some kind. But they just came in..talked about Swadhay and general discussion..they even refused the snacks and drinks we offered.

Later on we attended some gatherings and picnics arranged by them.

We could not continue due to our own lack of motivation. But my impression was good.

No harm in meeting people once. Nothing to loose. You can always back out if you feel suspicious.

Hope this helps.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-01-09 07:48:08

Thanks for the responses and feedback.

Only one thing remains is they my complete name (Not used in temple donations or online registrations) and very recent address and would not tell me the source of this information upon repeated questioning.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-01-09 10:25:43

Why r u so worried about source ? Swadhyay parivar have wide network . They may come to know from from your friends , from your job location or from canada govt .
Many parivar people are working at higher posts . Once u part of it u will come to know .
Join it this is the best way to be in touch with our religion & sanskar .


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-01-09 12:22:46

My aunt and uncle have been a part of it in USA since years. Another aunt in India...

They are v selfless people and u can trust them. They have v helping attitude.

They have some of their own rules like not taking snacks etc. in their "Bhav Feri", and not telling source of ur informatin cld be one of the rules.

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