Ahmedabad International Airport

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Recently, during my India trip, I realised what the hell I was doing waiting at Bombay airport for more than 4 hours both way (In and Out of India). This time just cuts into your valuable vacation time.

I would like to explore the option of landing directly at Ahmedabad Airport from Toronto. However, it seems there are very few airlines flying directly to Ahmedabad (Air India/Qatar/Emirates). Worse, in case of AI, flight from London to Ahmedabad leaves before flight from Toronto reaches London. That means, you have to stay overnight at London.

Considering the number of international passengers that travel from Bombay to Gujarat (Ahmedabad/Vadodara/Rajkot), do you think has any airline might have considered switching their flight to Ahmedabad instead of Bombay? Is it economically viable for any airline? I wonder if there might be vested interests too which would like to have their business stay in Bombay instead of seeing it migrate to Ahmedabad?

Just a thought :rolleyes:

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You are absolutely right.. and also think about Surat. They have airport just before 3 years ago..Lots of Surti are NRIs and they have to travel to Mumbai or Ahmedabad/Vadodara by road..must be hectic for them..:(

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It would seem that your worries would be over soon. As Ahmedabad is soon going to have a new International Airport building that has been under construction since two years now. Has to finish sometime, huh? By this time next year, it should be operational. This would entail a lot of new flights into and from Ahmedabad. At present the capacity of passenger handling of International airport of Ahmedabad is 4 to 6 flights per night, and there are only two baggage belts at the arrival. All this will change with the onset of the new international airport. Have patience.

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