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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-02-15 08:44:13

Nitish Kumar the supremo of JD-U has now 'nationalised' the nuisance of his own making and our national news channels are probably for a fee helping him to do so.

Before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections everyone knew Nitish was greedy enough to expect himself to be announced as the PM candidate and not Modi. Just because the BJP in his state were his junior partners. When BJP failed to oblige him he withdrew his alliance with BJP and contested the LS elections on his own and got defeated badly. Then to hide the fact that his own greed was responsible for the party's bad showing he ''magnanimously'' resigned his CM post and appointed a stooge Manjhi to rule the state in JJ style. But unlike JJ's OPS who would be prepared to fall at her feet in front of a million people, Manjhi wrote his own script. When there was a power struggle, Manjhi dismissed two of Nitish supporters from his cabinet. Both Manjhi and Nitish now claimed to enjoy the support of majority of JD-U MlAs, but Nitish unable to dislodge Manjhi from CM seat. The show has shifted to Delhi, including parading of MLAs in front of President of India, accusing BJP of fishing in troubled waters. Lalu is also doing his comic role to the drama.

All these being done for "service" to the people of Bihar and India.

Our own take is that Bihar needs another AK and another AAP style party to chase away all these irresponsible, selfish, indifferent, hypocrite, jealous and greedy so called leaders into the jungles.

Already these "leaders" are 60 or 70 or 80 plus. For how long do we need their ''services'' for a country where 70% of the population are below 35 and are sacrificing their dreams at the altar of these evil Gods.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-02-15 15:00:04

The more things are changing for India, the more they appear to stay the same, or worst. Things on the ground are not looking rosy at all. Yeah yeah, those IT professionals' salaries and upper middle class with 2 mobile phones that the English media showcasing and parading every day.

Watch 'Ravish ki Report' for how the real people of India live, and where the infrastructure is heading to. You may start with Delhi (not the Lutyen's or South Delhi), the Capital. As per his own words, "Log kehtey hein Ravish kutch positive nahin dikhata, positive hey kya?"

I am digressing, but can someone please confer a highest civilian award upon Ravish? This dude is amazing and the only ray of hope in this so-called 'journalistic' world, despite of being in MSM. To some extent, a kudos to NDTV India for giving him free hand to express himself freely and fairly. A rare display these days.

Back to the Bihar imbroglio. Stupidity at its best. Nitish Kumar was once a suave politician, who was credited with turning around Bihar after Lalu screwed it. However, Kumar dug his own grave by projecting himself at par with BJP and no less Modi. He needs to wake up. But, it's too late now. Let the election be held as soon as possible.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 20-02-15 02:03:44

The news now is that Manjhi has met the Governor and submitted his resignation, BJP with their 97 MLAs could not save him. He is said to be a "Maha Dalit" victimised by Nitish. He may join BJP shortly.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 20-02-15 10:12:58

BJP has 87 MLAs. BJP fell flat on its face in Bihar as Manjhi could not muster 30-40 MLAs. There was a court order reg the MLAs who were kicked out of JD(U). Manjhi realized and quit like a coward. Now he is not wanted by JD(U) or RJD or Congress. Hope BJP learnt its lesson and not allow Manjhi join the party. He may do the same to them IF they win in the next election.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 20-02-15 13:36:24

It's funny how the whole affair was a mis-calculated move by BJP and Manjhi. Another embarrassment to the BJP after their Delhi fiasco - not a good sign for the almighty Amit Shah and Modi. I heard RSS was handling this whole activity in the forefront, unlike Delhi.

My guess is Manjhi would try to join the BJP. But, even then his vote fetching powers have greatly subsided with his self inflicted and poorly planned resignation.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 20-02-15 14:46:36

Good try BJP , back to public issues please. sabka vikas is pending..

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-02-15 12:50:34

Originally posted by san-hugo
Good try BJP , back to public issues please. sabka vikas is pending..

Don't forget Rs. 15 lakh in every desi bank a/c (the black money from abroad)

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