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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Feedback and Comments > A DISTURBING TREND!!
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I've noticed a new trend lately where members (some who just sign up for this) are starting threads just to incite religious debates and stir the sh*tpot. None of these threads actually achieve anything, instead they just end up pitting members against eachother and leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Enough of this!!

Let me remind you the purpose of this site

1) Give people in India an idea about life in Canada, try to paint a true picture.
2) Help immigrants already in Canada by pointing them to the correct resources and helping them network
3) Bring the desi community together (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and whoever else wants to join) to work toward a common immigrant cause.


1) Promote religious agendas, whether legit or not.
2) Use this website as a platform to organize religious movements or revolutions, whatever the hell they may be.

And also, even through we try to, we are UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO BE A BEACON OF FREE SPEECH AND LIBERTY. If something that qualifies as free speech is actually detrimental to the purpose that WE (the admin and moderator team) hope this site will serve, we will have no trouble banning it.

In that sense, we will start enforcing a ban on all topics whose sole purpose is to stir up religious fervour, whatever that religion may be. We will...

1) Warn members first if such topics are started. And the topic will be locked or deleted. In cases where the topic itself was something different but the thread starts to morph into religious mudslinging, we will lock up the thread at that point.

2) If members who have been warned continue on their "crusade", they will be banned

3) Members who sign up simply to start this kinda stuff will be banned without warning.


Secondly, let me remind ALL members about personal attacks and using foul language. We do allow it upto a certain point, however when it crosses a certain undefined line, moderators will step in. If you feel you do not need to abide by moderator instructions, YOU MY NOT PARTICIPATE ON THIS FORUM. If you object to moderator instructions, you may do one of two things

1) Point out politely why you do not agree.
2) PM the concerned moderator or myself/GG and we will certainly look into it.

If ANYBODY makes fun of/ridicules moderators for pointing something out, I will have no issues banning that member immediately.


Let's get back to helping immigrants settle in Canada. :cheers:

Are you there?

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