Application Processed based on the day you apply / do they consider updates

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-06-06 17:20:30

I have 2 Doubts. I will appreciate your response:

1) I Applied for my PR at Buffalo in Feb 06(Recvd File Number in March 06) At that time I only had 8 months of full time Work Experience + 1 year 6 months Full time work experience from 3 years part-time work in University.

The part-time work experience was not continuous. Do you think they can reject my application as I don't have 1 year continuous full time work experience.
Will they consider my part-time work experience even though it is not continuous or by the time they assess my application which is June-July 2006 I would have acquired 1 year of full time work..Can that be considered??

2) Do they assess your Application based on the day you applied or do they consider any updates that might have occured in your case when assessing your points

When I Applied for PR, I was in the first year of Post Grad Work Permit(year 1) which was going to expire in June 2006.(Estimated PR Points=71)
1 Month after my PR Application I got another job and got my Post grad Work permit extended till June 2007 which now qualifies me for 10 Points for Arranged Employment(As work permit valid for more than 1 year gives you points for Arranged Employment) PR points=81

Do you think they will consider the new work permit and will I be qualified for the additional points for Arranged Employment.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-06-06 19:48:03

If you have completed your one year work permit which will give you one year full time continuous experience, You should send them updates regarding the extension of work permit. Most probabely they will consider your experience and arrange employement. Let's hope for the best. I applied in Jan'06 after completing my PG work permit. I also claimed 5 points for studying in Canada for 2 years which was not completed at the time I applied. Received file # and now also completed two years study in Canada.
Keep In Touch... Good Luck

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