The Story of India

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 04-01-09 22:30:52

I am sure many desis will be interested in this...

The Story of India on PBS in January

The six-part series, in which historian Michael Wood explores the history and achievements of the world’s oldest civilization while journeying across the Indian subcontinent, begins with the migration of people out of Africa; visits ancient Indian cities.

Mondays, January 5, 12 and 19 - 2 one-hour episodes each evening - total of 6 episodes
EPISODE 1: - Beginnings - 60,000 BCE–500 BCE - Monday, January 5, 9:00pm
The first episode looks at identity and the roots of India's famous "unity in diversity." Wood takes us to places where dramatic new archaeological discoveries are changing our view of the migrations that have helped make up Indian identity. Read more about Episode 1
EPISODE 2: - The Power of Ideas - 500 BCE–200 BCE
The second episode of Michael Wood's journey through Indian history covers the last centuries BCE—the age of the Buddha, the coming of the Greeks and the rule of the emperor Ashoka, one of the greatest figures in world history. Read more about Episode 2

EPISODE 3: - Spice Routes & Silk Roads - 200 BCE–300 CE
The next episode in the story of India takes us to the early centuries CE, the time of the Roman Empire in the west, and to "the happiest time in the history of the world" as the historian Edward Gibbon put it. Read more about Episode 3

EPISODE 4: - Ages of Gold - 300 CE–1000 CE
Episode Four is the story of India in the Middle Ages, when India had a series of great flowerings of culture, both in the north and the south. In this episode Michael Wood shows us some of the amazing achievements of medieval India.Read more about Episode 4

EPISODE 5: - The Meeting of Two Oceans - 1000 CE–1700 CE
The fifth episode of the story of India takes us to the time of the Renaissance in Europe, when India was the richest, most populous civilization in the world. Read more about Episode 5

EPISODE 6: - Freedom - 1700 CE–2009 CE
This last episode covers the British East India Company, the 1857 "Mutiny," the subsequent British Raj, and finally India's partition and independence in 1947.



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What channel no on Rogers is this? Website seems to be U.S specific

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 05-01-09 11:46:42

Channel 61 on Rogers in Ontario

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Those who do not have access to PBS TV can watch it on internet at
or and go to Live TV and select WPSU TV PBS 3

Schedule is at

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Thanks Hiren for sharing

In your first link - there is video on PBS site
I suppose thats only promo, correct ?

In order to see complete documentary, one has to follow other links you provided

Can you confirm?

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 06-01-09 00:20:16

It was really good and very informative. I learnt so much .... looking forward to the rest of the series. There's so much to learn about our land!

IT was on Channel 6 on Rogers by the way (WNED)


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Thanks Hiren for sharing.. It was a pretty good one... especially with no ad-breaks...

But did you notice that all places/people covered in India are probably the rural-most of what India has? None of the developed aspects of India was shown... hopefully the later episodes will show the 'developed' india as well.

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