Is it Canada Univ ? Or just my luck?

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Hi everyone,
I am just very upset and I needed to know if Canadian Universities are in general strange or is it just my bad luck.
I have applied for higher studies to 4 Candian Universities and 4 U.S ones. So far I have faced no problems with the U.S Universities.
Of the 4 Canadian Universities that I applied to --and these are reputed to be among the best -- one seems to have lost my package of supporting documents (it was definitely received by one section of the Univ and got lost while being sent to another).
The other Univ has two different sets of applications for the same program on their web site, and when I applied according to one set (I accidentally came by the second set after I had mailed my application), I got a mail after the deadline that my application will be considered incomplete because I submitted hard copies of something that I was supposed to have submitted online!
I sent them links to the page which had the instructions that I had followed --and I got no response. When I called up, they said that they have forwarded my mail to the relevant authorities and will get back to me. How long does it take to click on the links and re-check what I am saying? (And they have still not removed the wrong set of instructions.)

What do I do now? :(

Very upset.


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Patience is a virtue. Try and develop some and you might be able to sit down and ponder over your applications and see what you could have dome something differently.

Here is a link for you to read and understand. See if any of the Universities that you applied to are part of this group. Then get back to us.

Since we are also in the same boat as you are, now wait to hear from them with their directives. I think you still have a lot of time to rectify any filings.

Good Luck.


Edit: this is the link in the link :

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Hi Freddie,
I hear what you are saying.

I have applied for admission to the PhD program, so I do not know if the link that you've provided will work for me.

The Universities that I am talking about are two from the following list:
1. University of British Columbia
2. McGill
3. University of Toronto
4. York University
5. University of Western Ontario
6. University of Victoria.

I am not naming the Universities directly because the mess-up with my application is probably their first mistake, and I don't want to bad-mouth them.

It will be a big help if you, with your experience, could tell me what I should have done differently --

-I have taken my GMAT and TOEFL in September (got a 680 in GMAT, 119 in TOEFL ibt, so my scores aren't all that bad)
-researched potential academic supervisors and written to them about my research interest early, (got positive response from many of those I had written to)
--made my SOP early,
--took an opinion on my SOP from an IIM professor and and made cosmetic changes to it early,
--completed my applications and sent them via DHL 3 weeks before the deadline.

I am now just repeating a Mantra -- Whatever happens, is for the best.
But it hasn't helped as yet. :(


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The University beauracracy is sometimes worse than Govt's and the administrative part of the Univ tends to have a sense of entitlement. I have encountered that in both Canada and the US (U of Windsor, Wayne State, Eastern MI U and West Va U).

You might get somewhere if you write or contact the Dean or Chair of the school/department that you are applying for and explain the mess. Typically, the admissions handle the paperwork and forward to the school/dept for review. While the admissions reviews the min requirements for the Univ, the dept reviews your fit and takes the final decision.

The names, email and phone numbers of the dean and chair should be available online.

Great GMAT scores !! Congrats!! :cheers:

Best wishes.


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Hi Dimple,
Thank you for your very do-able advice. I am feeling better already :)

I will do the needful right away.


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First see which of the Universities that provided you with positive response and make a note of the Prof's who did or would extend themselves to you and provide with some research grants.

You know that you can work here and also do the research and supplement your income during your off times. See what avenues are there, open to you, at these Universities and who will come forward to assist you. You must have a hint or some idea from your research and from the contacts.

Put all of the hardships you are currently encountering behind and choose even if it is from one of them, but you have to have a good coach there to help you and have chances of bettering your position at that location. Because, you can swing anything and everything in your favour if the crowd that you are working with is to your liking and is there for you. That will go a long way

You have done so well up to now and you have a lots of doors opening here. Now narrow it down to one or two Universities. Decide upon the location where you want to settle down and then put blinders on. Then concentrate all of your attention in that one location. That will be my best suggestion and a path to you for your approach.

You must have their Calendars and the list of staff and the dean of studies at each location. Choose either Canada or the USA. Things will be different by the end of next two years and I am sure you will be then at a location, as we say "A right time and at a right Place".

Good Luck in your efforts.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 20-01-09 12:05:34

Hi Freddie,

Thank you for your advice.

I hope the good Lord is paying attention to my hard work too.



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