How to address this renting issue faced by newcomers

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amit kalia   
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Originally posted by newincanada

My question is, can they deny on these grounds, I don't know the legality on this, I was not having anyone with me while discussing this, so no witness for me either.

Please read your rights as a tenant here:

Landlords can ask the person applying for the rental unit to provide information such as: current residence, rental history, employment history, personal references and income information.

They can refuse renting on grounds of no job. However, many landlords including apartment buildings help newcomers who can proof their financial worth and come up with good referrals, letter from bank, guarantor etc.


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Dear Friends,

Thanks a bunch for all the inputs, I am looking in central mid downtown area only so I cannot consider the other options mentioned Markham, Scarborough etc, however if things does not work out as looking for , then only will look other area. Basements are strictly NO for me due to some personal health reasons for my family so would consider normal apartment only. No sharing or PG , independent living only is what I am looking for. I would call out the numbers as well which are provided above.

I will talk to my bank and get letter from them as well and statement showing proof of funds.

Today I spoke to the landlord of the place where I am staying in a temp accommodation and said they can issue me a letter for a good conduct as tenant. So let me see this week how things are working out. Hope will manage to find in the area I am looking for with these two supporting factors (Bank and letter from the landlord)

I will read as much possible about the rights of tenants as well

Once again thanks to each of you for the reply's and help offered whatever possible by you, appreciate that very much.

If anyone has any more suggestion or guidance please share, it will not only help me , but am sure many others will also have benefit from that


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