Need help - Tax on Global Income for canadians working abroad

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Hi Friends,

I moved to India permanently in the end of year 2011 with my family and we are all Canadian citizens. I started working in India since 2012 January and am paying my tax in India. And also, I have my own house which is in Canada and has been rented out and am getting a rental income in canada too. Now my question here is, I am also filing my tax in India for the year 2012 as well as I have to file my tax return in Canada for my rental income. The issue is, in one of the Canadian Tax form , I have to disclose my Indian Income which is my world income, but I am not sure whether I have to pay tax for that Indian income, if it is so, then it is double taxation. And also I am not sure , whether I should apply a Non-resident canadian or resident canadian in canadian Tax form. I need your help on this.

My only tie in canada right now is my rental property,RRSP investments and bank accounts. I intend to go back to canada after few years.

I need your suggestion to deal with my above situation.


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You may be considered a tax resident due to the bank account. You may want to confirm with CRA via a phone call.

Your rental property and RSP alone will allow you to be a tax non-resident. However, your bank account may not.


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