Are we capable of governing ourselves?

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Gandhi (I mean Mahatma Gandhi) fought for freedom from the British. His intentions were noble. I don’t think he expected the conditions of the country to be like this. Does not matter which party is ruling. Scams / corruption / political murders/ illegal mining, etc everywhere. Sometimes I wonder, are we capable of governing ourselves? Are we becoming a failed state? Did the British leave us in a mess?

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India is a failed state and a banana republic.

Eventhough our neighbour has already failed and being propped up by USA and China, when we fall it will be a big thud.

India will collapse and will become a puppet under remote control from USA, China and Middle Eastern nations.

The states of Keralam, Kashmir, UP, Bihar and also parts of Andhra Pradesh has already moved onto middle eastern control through ISI and their backers.

Kashmir is the new Palestine.

The other parts of India like Far East, Orrissa, Mangalore, Goa and many smaller pockets have moved under the influence of USA and their evangelicals.

The other parts which are under the Maoists have been under remote control from Beijing.

Down south the waters are being patrolled by Srilankan with Chinese personnel. The Chinese have already built a pearl hang noose around India's neck from Pakistan, Nepal, Kashmir, Tibet, Burma, Srilanka and all the way to Thailand.

With the lack of political will and vote bank politics fuelled by minority concerns the majority Hindus will be finished.

Mark my words on this 26th July 2010 in the very near future you'll start hearing that the hindus and the christians will be forced out of Keralam like what happened in Kashmir for the Pandits.

We will have our Palestine in Kashmir and a little Palestine in Keralam.

When the CM himself has raised the alarm bell he is being belittled by Congress who should be investigating this charge.

Historically if you see the Hindus always loved to be ruled by some one else and they did not want independence.

This Hindu group will never learn until they will be forced to pay a tax like under mughal rule to go for theerth yathra.

If you really see the origin of this problem was from a solution to another problem and Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi was involved in both.

Time to pack your bags and IMMIGRATE to western shores before you loose everything.

Gone baby Gone!.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

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