Ratan TATA reveals that an Union Minister wanted 15 Crores Bribe

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 15-11-10 13:55:17

Another information in the open and was revealed by Ratan TATA the head of TATA group where in he revealed that a former union minister of aviation wanted 15 Crores as bribe.

Even before the sound bite was broadcast, Mr.Ebrahim of Karnataka a former Union Minister of Aviation during that period has said that if Ratan TATA does not reveal the name of the minister he will committ suicide.

Now BJP is jumping up and down.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

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Now there's a "salary" I would like that would make me return to India :D


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Originally posted by Vandematram

former union minister of aviation wanted 15 Crores as bribe.

What a cheap person!
I remember my lower middle class classmate at university. They bought a piece of land (60'X40') in the slums of chennai then (Vyazerpadi) and built a house on it. Now that the real estate price has appriciated, his plot alone is worth 1 crore (as early as 2007).
Now the minister had asked for just 15 such plots. what a cheap price. If Tata had given that money, he could have booked profits in thousand's of crores.
Now before anyone jumps on me, the chinese have a saying " through a small fish to catch a bigger fish". The same can be equated to the immigration process in Canada.
Now what Raja did. That is real stuff.

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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The so called incident happened in the 90's. 15 crore at that time is more than 50 crore now adjsuting to the "inflation". That's not a bad deal for a bribe.

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