Dabaang 3 is in power........BJP - Modi won in Gujarat Election 2012

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BJP - Modi won Election 2012 in Gujarat. I recently visited to Gujarat after seven years and i was amazed the way Modi developed in Gujarat Roads,Industries, infrastructure, 24 hrs power (no more cut off), regular water, etcc....

Big heads in congress lost the bettle with big margin, Sankarsinh Vaghela, Saktisinh Gohil, etc...


Previously i remembered to go Kutch from Ahmedabad by road was taking almost 7 to 8 hours but now after express highway it took me only 5 hours to reach at my destination from Ahmedabad.

credit goes only to Mr. Modi for devlopments in Gujarat.....

IMO, Tiger is back with public support and next five years Gujarat will be one of the most popular city in India for investment and for living as well.

Jai....Jai...Garvi Gujarat...


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Gujarat has slapped very hard. However MMS/Sonia has very thick skin. Gujarat has always shown the path. Gandhiji and Sardar patel were the stalwarts of freedom movement. Womanizer Nehru was a pseudo freddom fighter.

Funny stiil is the reporting by the kind of Burkha dutt, Karan thapars and other lounge chair analysts. They still sing the MMS/ Sonia tune of Modi not getting 117 seats, that he got 2 seats less than previous term!. Then there is Nitish Kumar, who has less than 20 seats but wants to be PM! What a bunch of jokers India has collected. Gujarat has given a great verdict but I doubt that will be replicated.

In 2014, MSM would relentlessly campaign on need of youth factor projecting “Rahul” as young and dynamic, though the guy could not even graduate, notwithstanding influence of power and money.

I want Puttoo to comment. Lol!

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Indeed a great news for Gujrat !. Any other outcome would have been disruptive to the enviable path of growth which gujrat is travelling for some years now. One or 2 such states and hopefully other states will take example to grow as well, I hope I am not dreaming ! :-).

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Interesting video.

Whole time Sagrika is bitching about Modi and Aam Admi guy is seeking apology from Modi for 2002 as if Modi was responsible for it. They try to compare it with Ant-Sikh riots. Lol! Kangress Gunda instigated anti-Sikh roots and absolutely complicit govt helped it. It is very ironical that “liberals” have pardoned Kangress because MMS apologized. MMS joker still has those Goondas as his ministers. However, “Liberals” are fine with that! Lol!
In my opinion Modi has nothing to apologize for. In the riots which were instigated by the muslims by perpetrating ghastly and unspeakable horrors on innocent women and children for their being Hindu devotees was strongly controlled by Modi. More than 250 Hindus were killed by police during riots. The riots were huge because of the ghastliness and extremely horrific nature of killing of Hindu women and children.

Modi has time and again emphasized that his development has benefited ALL, not just one caste or one community. Today, Gujarat Muslims are having much better standard of living than anywhere else in India.

The battle in future SHOULD be on development agenda and transparency.

However, I doubt India is ready for that. Had India been ready, there would have been JP kind of revolution after billion dollar scams of corrupt MMS/Sonai.

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Last week happened to see the photograph of MMS getting cozy with Pakistan's Rehman Malik.

MMS and Congress only will take Pakistan and their Rehman Malik seriously and vice versa.

Nothing has been done by Pakistan on 26/11 and still Congress through BCCI has shamelessly arranged for India Pakistan cricket series.

Nothing can be more offending to the victims of 26/11.

Congress still believes that vote bank politics and not development of the country will win elections.


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