Sunanda Pushkar found dead

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-01-14 12:53:29

Sunanda Pushkar, socialite from Gulf and wife of Union Minister of State for HRD Mr. Sashi Tharoor has been found dead in her hotel room.

Only yesterday the couple had been in the centre of a controversy regarding their twitter accounts been hacked allegedly by a Pakistan woman journalist by name Tharar.

Sunanda Pushkar had accused onl yesterday that the minister Mr. Tharoor was having an affair with the woman journalist and that she was going for a divorce. She went to the extent of accusing the pakistani woman as an ISI agent. In fact, the journalist had reacted saying that her own life was in danger because of the revelations. But the opposite has happened.

Even though it may be an unfolding tragedy and private matter for a family, we cannot forget the death of the famous cricketer coach Bob Woolmer who too died in his hotel room in West Indies under mysterious circumstances. He too was connected with Pakistan as coach at that time. Like the Pak cricketers and their cricket the Tharoors were also mired in IPL cricket controversy.

This cannot remain private alone considering the safety of our soliders and security of the country.


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wow...just heard this news...can tell you there is a big conspiracy going on...dont know what all the investigations reveal but really bizarre..also heard that the Pakistani journalist is actually an ISI agent..

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A very Sad news..

The twitter has been used extensively on this whole drama, but I never expected to take a tragic turn like this.

Just yesterday I saw many direct tweets from Sunanda accusing her husband and Mehr.

We are living in a different world, where the social media is soon becoming a medium to express anger/frustration and could even lead to death.

I can't believe the person tweeting just yesterday has gone from this world!

Shashi Tharoor is being described by many as a good person in a wrong party, but this episode is definitely going to put many clouds on his, otherwise gentleman image.

Hurat Honani Murat!

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 18-01-14 06:55:45

The post mortem report says that there were physical injuries on her body and it was "sudden unnatural death".

The earlier night she seems to have messaged VIP journalists like Burqa Dutt and Nalini Singh that she wanted to speak to them.

May be somebody got worried that she may reveal events and deals happening in the corridors of power.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 19-01-14 08:20:17

The postmortem says that it was sudden unnatural death.

Injury marks have been found on the body.

There has been argument between the couple on the flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Delhi, the previous day.

The wife had called reputed journalists like Nalini Singh, Burqa Dutt to speak or spoken about an extra marital affair by the other partner.

The other woman is a Pakistani, a known enemy country and is alleged to be an ISI agent.

If this had been another ordinary citizen, he would have found himself in jail.

The english news media fresh and probably lucrative coverage of the CWC Meet does not want to talk about the minister stepping down.

For the sake of the people of the country and concern for the solider guarding our border, Can't the minister be asked to step down, for a free and fair investigation to take place?

We really do not know what is happening.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-01-14 06:27:54

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According to the law if the wife commits suicide within 7 yrs of marriage, the husband will be under the microscope, probably arrested. But this is India where there are different rules for different people. The SJD has asked the Delhi police to investigate this as a murder or suicide. She took overdose of medication to kill herself or she was given that and killed. May be she knew too much abt Tharoor. He's a sweet talking guy who had three wives including Sunanda. His second wife was a Canadian who may have seen his real self and left him. Also not to forget the Cochin IPL fiasco where he was caught as Sunanda was given a sweat equity for no reason.

OTOH, she is worth Rs. 112 crores. Where did she get that money from? Not in Dubai where she was a sales director for a construction firm.

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