AAP party and Kejrival lovers - AAP crisis: Arvind Kejriwal may be removed?

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 06-03-15 13:10:12

New Delhi: Prashant Bhushan on Thursday suggested that he and Yogendra Yadav were axed from the Political Affairs Committee of AAP at the behest of Arvind Kejriwal and the party's top leader wanted to "dominate" decision-making, which he had opposed.

The noted lawyer activist and AAP's founding member said he was trying to ensure that the party stays "true to its founding principals and ideals" and will continue to do so.

"I think that would be a fair conclusion for anybody to draw under the circumstances," he said when asked if he and Yadav were sacked from the PAC yesterday at the behest of Kejriwal, who himself did not attend the meeting citing illness.

Though Kejriwal is a great leader and has many admirable qualities, Bhushan said, adding but he also has some serious defects, one of them being his desire "to dominate decision-making".

"I told him it's important to have a broad-based and independent-minded panel which could stand up to him and tell him you are wrong," Bhusan said, adding Kejriwal replied that PAC had many such members.

Group of people around Kejriwal may also be filling his ears against him and Yadav, he said. He said AAP need to set up an inquiry into the donations of Rs 50 lakh it received from suspect companies to ensure that it does not recur, a concern he had flagged earlier.

Asked about PAC member Mayank Gandhi's statement, in which he is critical of the manner of the ouster of Bhushan and Yadav, and that he wanted to hold a press conference against candidate selection process and other issues during Delhi Assembly polls, Bhusan said he did wanted AAP to address these issues.

The lawyer activist had threatened to resign if the issue was not addressed because "if the party gets derailed from its founding principals and there is no reasonable hope of retrieving it back to its original principals, then I will be forced to resign and make public the reasons behind it".

The communication system between him and Kejriwal had broken down, he said.


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There is a whole lot of group with vested interest are so eagerly watching AK to catch the dust.
AK is consolidating the power to evade another un-necessary rift and confrontation like of Bedi.

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RBO, no need to cut and paste some article on the web without looking into the real facts.

Prashant Bhushan and Mayank Gandhi can leave AAP. Is anyone stopping them from leaving? May be form their own party. Who cares. Staying in AAP and ranting against AK will cut a sorry figure for them. Look at Shazia Ilmi. She quit AAP and joined BJP. Now she is nowhere. BJP does not give a damn about her. May be she needs to go back to her old job as news reader on the tv.

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For the sake of Delhi, I really hope they don't self-destruct again. It would be a pity after winning such a huge mandate.

Not a Kejriwal supporter myself, but I really hope this internal strife is resolved soon - right now the picture seems getting worse.

Are you there?

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Agree with you, BL. It looks pretty serious. I mean, they are either a political noobs or darn stupid to not resolve this infighting behind closed doors. In either cases, the onus is on Kejriwal.

As much as I continue to support AAP, this whole affair is akin to the dirty lining being washed in public. But then, how else would they make their opposition happy?

Kejriwal should take charge now and come out publicly with facts. The only way to show his integrity. Nothing less would do.

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All they are asking is to show how the funds were used. Preaching is easy, acting on it is difficult. AK needs to come out and clarify. Hope AAP stays put and do something good for Delhi.

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Now there is this sting operation where AK seems to be plotting for defection of Congress MLAs. Yadav and Prashaant are accused of preventing fund collection from certain sources. As expected, the break up is because of funds and their collection. Yadav and Prashant may be without collecting any funds for the party were hogging the national TV limelight, which must have irked others in the party. Now the importance will shift to someone who contributes maximum funds, may be a mafia don with a socialite profile. In all this "Aam Admi" will become the casualty.


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