Moving Back Permanently -Is it worth Shipping products (Container) to India

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-06-17 11:06:48

Does anyone have any idea, what Shipping company to use to ship products to India ? Or whether its even worth it, and what cost will be incurred ?

I have some good furniture which is in very good condition. Its's quite expensive to buy that kind of furniture in India. Electronics I won't ship due to voltage issues.

It's a house, not an apartment. Sadly there is not much resale value for used furniture and electronics in Canada, even if they are lightly used and in pristine condition

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-06-17 11:08:47

I am moving back to a major Metro in India. If that helps.

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Please don't leave. We need people like you AT, CKB ,icame and Global Indian. 99 % people here have merry go life. Its us who do MBA and still can't find minimum wage jobs and people blame it on our attitudes.

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Originally posted by ileft

Please don't leave.

Why not ? Do you know any shippers, rajcanada ?

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So no on knows the approximate cost of a container from Canada to India ?

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Please look into the first link and see the recommended Shipping Agents in them. It will provide you a link and when you contact them you should be able to get the details that you are looking for. See if it is worth taking everything you thought you should or ship only the essentials and a few sentimental items.

Most of the major CITIES in India have Agents that can help you get your personal belongings out of Canada. If it is cheaper then find their counterparts here in Canada and being summer you might be able to ship them all or part of it during the warm weather here. You will need some help locally here in Canada to get the loading done and packaged as per their requirements. Some want it palletized. A few want them in shipping boxes of certain sizes for easy palletizing etc.,

Not knowing your requirements, a full container load or LCL, Door to Door, will cost you just under $6000 Can. Paper work extra. Since you are Moving out Permanently, and if you have sufficient number of years of stay abroad, you can pretty near take most of your personal belongings back to India. (If you have invoices and receipts for the goods purchased, or credit card slips, you can show how long they have been in use and in your possession and it will be proof enough to show them it is all used stuff.) It is there in the Customs web site, with the rupee limits etc.,

If you need further assistance drop a note under this. Will need a lot more information and as much as the Shipping Agent and the Customs in India will need to know.

Good Luck.



Originally posted by pendse

I am moving back to a major Metro in India. If that helps.

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TamilKuravan moved to India some years ago; he knows best what way to head home so you may have to wait for him to chance upon your query. I am pretty sure he knows some clear useful info about shipping containers. As far as my take goes, I ship only monies to India. For that you can use SBI or ICICI Toronto. If you use Swift system, they will charge about 50 bux (which is not much if you are moving large sums). As far as things go, I would dispose of everything except some choice textbooks in your discipline; these may not be easy to acquire again there. Last year I spent a month in India and found out they have all kinds of furniture there and not that expensive. I saw some designs built from stainless steel tubing and plush cushions. Very comfy to sit or lounge around and will last quite awhile from the looks of their sturdy build. If it is books you are shipping (In my collection, books are heaviest), you may also get them released from customs in India relatively easy. With all these techno gizmos, you may have to oil some hands to get your stuff past the customs and duties folks.

On the other hand, ask folks back in India to get an idea what it would cost to buy similar stuff there and just send the necessary dollars instead. You can take a pair of laptops, if lucky maybe 4. In that case, you only need to buy a power chord there. I hauled 4 laptops (but not much use from them! The brats I gave them to seem to be using them mostly to watch porn and BS with others on the net. What a waste!) Being in Toronto, you can get your hands on pretty good laptops coming off corporate lease and just throw them in the luggage.

Good luck going back. India certainly felt homely, though I stayed away from it most of my life. I am heading there any moment I get tired of this place. So far, it is only the cash flow that is holding me back. Once I set foot in India next time, I am going to sit around and tell some stories to whoever cares to listen. No more work for me! I did set up a self-retirement thru investments to yield about 2.5 lacs a month so I might be ok. Being in India, one could go round southeast asia as well as hill stations in India for a bit of rest 'n recreation. Good luck to you.

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