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CHAOS.. and Violence in Panchkula..:

As Panchkula Brought To Knees By Ram Rahim Sect, Army Called In to subdue the CHAOS..:
Violence in Panchkula: As news of the Ram Rahim Singh's conviction came in, thousands of followers waiting near the court attacked OB vans of news channels, including NDTV, smashing windows of the vehicles and pushing them over. A fire engine and a car have been set on fire.

Thousands of followers are agitating in a few states. Please read on.
Quality of video is very poor.



It is all there in the link below.


Not many knew that, many of the sadhvis have been victims of his sexual violence. Baba Ram Rahim who promoted himself as the benevolent father figure who got sex workers married to his devotees had turned many unsuspecting young women into his private prostitutes.

The investigative agencies identified 24 of them and were able to track down 20 of them since the anonymous letter blew the lid off the sexual exploitation at the dera. They were now married and living regular family lives and didn't want the past to complicate their present. But from what we know from the testimonies of women who came forward emerges a pattern. The baba will pick a sadhvi (woman disciple), call them inside his cave bedroom and rape them.

The act was called maafi in the closed circle of these exploited women. They often joked about who would be next to receive the maafi that the Huzoor Maharaj dispensed. Maafi means pardon and Baba Ram Rahim had convinced them that saying no to his advances was a sin, since they had surrendered their tan-man (body and mind) to his godliness. That they belonged to him and only after surrendering their body to him can they be purified again.

The girls were there because their families, who were blind bhakts of the baba, had sent them. For most, there was no option but to give in to the guru's whims. Baba Ram Rahim's cave had a gate that was known to public and through which he drove his fancy cars into the building.

The two other gates were used only by his private guards, always women, and the sadhvis or sevikas who attended to him. That included feeding and bathing the hirsute saint. The women's quarters were guarded by men who were either forcibly castrated or volunteered to be neutered. So mind-blowingly harem-like. An Aaj Tak reporter who had visited Ram Rahim's private residence recalled seeing commando-style security guards, armed to the teeth, inside the building..... read on from the link provided.

MSN News



WHAT NEXT..: Dera Sacha Sauda sect chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's troubles are far from over. Convicted and serving his sentence in prison for rape, the Dera chief on Saturday will appear via video conferencing before a CBI special court that is hearing two separate murder cases against him.


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