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TRV visa interview, Buffalo

Senior Desi
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TRV visa interview, Buffalo
Hello Experts,

I am on the study permit in Canada and have applied for Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) at Canadian Consulate General, Buffalo, to re-enter Canada after getting married back-home.

These guys have called me for an interview along with my original documents since I came to Canada. I have couple of questions and will appreciate if someone tries to help me out.

1) When I applied for TRV, I was not having any college campus job. Now I have it and officially working. So when I go for an interview how can I update them with regards to my current job? Should I fill the application form once again and give them when I go for an interview or just let them know during the interview time that currently I have college campus job?

2) How long TRV can be issued? Is it possible to get more than 1 year - multiple?

3) Do they have facility to give the passport on same day only after the interview?

4) When I want to re-enter Canada from U.S.A. after having my interview with the Canadian Consulate General, do I need visa for it? I guess I donít need it, but just trying to make sure once again on this part.

5) And for a TRV interview, is it okay if I take the same employment and college letter which I got for my U.S.A. visa?
(In the letter it is mentioned that currently studying ---- program, in ----semester, etc, etc. Moreover in the same letter it has also mentioned that they have granted me leave for 2 days to go to Ottawa for usa visa and will grant me an leave for Canadian visa if I get usa visa. Employment letter is also similar kind of format)

6) Finally, other people please share your experience for the TRV visa, if you have attended an interview.

Any suggestion will be really appreciated and thanx everyone for their time.

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Junior Desi
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How to apply.
Hi Indianguy,
I assume you are applying for TRV because your Study Permit says 'This document doesnot allow reentry'. So if you want to go out you need the TRV to come in.

I need to know

1. How have you applied? How much time did it take for them to respond with an interview call?
2. Wht all did you send to US buffalo and which courier?
3. Do they call everyone for interview..?

I am on a work permit here and have the same situation. Your help would be appreciated.


Post ID: 42167 08-03-05 22:46:39
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