Please help with resume, interview etc.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 15-02-06 23:12:19

Orginally posted by smalk

Dear CD Members,

I am new to this country and I am not aware of how to go about with a job search and getting a good resume done. I have been to the Government run programs, met a few people there. But that’s not so good. In fact it is pathetic. The motivation lecturer was yawning half way through the motivation lecture !!! What a plight.

Monster charges a bomb. So does workopolis and a few professional writers.

With time and funds running out fast, is there any one on CD who can help me with

a) Getting a good resume done. I did write to the CD resume writers but there has been no response. ( probably because it is free- hence)
b) Preparing me for the interview and other skills needed.
c) Guiding me to the people who would be able to help me through.

I don’t mind paying a bit ( conversion factor ghost still looms on hindsight) for someone who can step forward to help me out with this.

To let you know the facts. I was in Customer service back in India and have worked with companies like Bajaj Auto and Eagle Flask. I am in Brampton but do not mind traveling to Mississauga or Toronto if needed.

This is out of desperation. Hope my prayers wont get unanswered.

Ok, send me your current resume, bio-data or
1. List out you areas of expertise
2. Past employment details
3. Current contact details ( email and Phone)

I will draft a resume for you and the will refine it further after discussing with you.
my email is

Good luck.

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Look for jobs with your qualifications and prepare your resume with exact skill set of the job description. You may have to modify your resume several times. In this case it is is to get a job......Some times we may have good skill set, but I beleive you may have to modify according to their requirements.....

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Is it better to go to the HRDC center or to the center for the employment program for newcomers?


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Orginally posted by raajen


Is it better to go to the HRDC center or to the center for the employment program for newcomers?


Either or.. Service Canada (formerly HRDC)..will refer you to your nearest employment resource centre. Many programs require referrals from an Employment Counsellor.

Good luck!

~ Morning rain

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I also posted an ad by HRDC where they said they would help you find jobs as admin clerks, payroll clerks and few other admin positions. i had posted the telephone # and was under Jobs - available section. The only prerequisite was to attend their resume workshop and interview workshop.

Has anybody tries getting a job thru HRDC?

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