Dont write Scarborough On your Resume

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Orginally posted by Garvo Gujarati


Do you really think so? I am from Scarborough and doing good job. I don't think staying in Scarborough has never hurt my chances of getting a job.

Now my case doesn't represent whole population of scarborough and if you realise this is the case, than yes there is nothing wrong writing Toronto in place of Scarborough.

This is not an experience of single man like you. This a group experience who all are working in engineering job at present were doing labour in past. We were meeting at one place and were discussing different issues regarding jobs and resume. Some of them got reply from receptionist that they have garbaged their resume because they were from scarborough. Why we should not go on positive side. If 5 employers out of 100 are thinking that scarborough is worst then we will be in garbase. You know that most of the people are getting 5 reply out of 100 applications for job.

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Actually it's true. Don't write Scarborough or any district of Toronto on your resume ie; Etobicoke, North York, East York, Scarborough. Just put down Toronto instead. It's non-descriptive of where you're coming from yet at the same time it's truthful. Some districts do ignite a certain reaction to people that could at least hinder your prospects of getting an interview. Why? Because, in some area's it's quite evident the system of education isn't as high in other area's, nor is class of people which is very important to many companies who are looking for a "certain type" of person.

Just think of it this way, if two people were applying for a job at the Bank of Montreal and have the same exact credentials/resume's. One the address indicating the person is from Bayview, and the other indicating the person was from Regent park. Who do you think is going to get hired?

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then change ur name as well.....:(
by ur desi name u woulnt be hired....

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