day care verses Baby sitter

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I want to know the difference between day care and baby sitter.
I have a three months old daughter. I am planning to start work, but not comfortable sending her to unknown baby sitter or some one’s home.

Do we have any day care near by hwy 10 and Dundas who take babies this old? where I can leave my baby while I am going for Interviews and after that when start working.

which one is better day care or baby sitter?
Is there any baby sitter near by this area who is reliable and recommended?


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Daycare is the building in which babysitting is done. Baby sitters are Humans who baby sit the baby.
There are 2 types of daycare :
1. Govt. Daycare - > Very difficult to get into. There may be financial compensation if your income is low. Generally there is a 5-10 months wait. Most take only 18 months + children. Open from 7 am to 7 pm (Generally). They will send the baby home if the individual has cold / fever/ disease etc...

2. Private daycare -> Available Dime to a Dozen at all places. You need some contacts to locate a good one. Some babysitters take babies with pleasure but then after 2 or 3 days refuse to take due to excessive crying etc... These kind of baby sitters are flexible in their timings and the money. Generally they can charge between $175- $125 a week for small children (less than 1 yr. old). Not very professional in their daycare. Some have a bedroom converted into a baby pen but others do not.

Irespective of all this , you will still receive $100 /month from the govt. for your infant.

Hope this helps. PM me for any further details .

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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Call these people at

They should send you a package for things to look out for in a daycare. You will have to know your work schedule to put your child in daycare as they may not be flexible. Some of them accept only fulltime kids (Monday-Friday, about 9 hours daily).

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thanks Raj and TK A.


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hi Raj,

the link u send is really very helpful, although i havnt fix a baby sitter/day care for my baby yet, but i am sure that i will find one soon.
thanks for ur help.


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