Kidney racket kingpin may have fled to Canada

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desi in ottawa   
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TORONTO: The alleged kingpin of a multi-crore kidney transplant racket, Amit Kumar, is suspected to have fled to Canada ahead of police raids that shut down the operation last week.

Kumar, dubbed as "Dr Horror" by media for allegedly supplying hundreds of kidneys bought or coerced from the country's poor, was reportedly running the operation partly from an unknown location in Canada, where his family is said to be living, Canadian daily National Post reported on Wednesday.

A Canadian police spokesperson said that Canadian authorities currently have "limited information" about the Indian police investigation.

"We can, however, say that Interpol-Ottawa has been in communication with Interpol-New Delhi about this case," said Royal Canadian Mountain police SGT. Sylvie Tremblay.

Haryana police had sought a red corner Interpol notice to track down Kumar apprehending he may have fled the country. It also said that Kumar did not possess requisite medical degrees.

Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said that the Centre would seek a CBI inquiry into the case.

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Originally posted by desi in ottawa

Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said that the Centre would seek a CBI inquiry into the case.

CBI inquiry is Bu* Such rackets will continue till we have some stringent laws amounting to severe punishments in such cases . We just had that Noida racket last year. These racket busts never scare them and they are continuing with their activities.
Is there some kind of backing at higher levels...I wonder !!Mr Ramdoss!

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The guy is nabbed in Nepal - hope this is not another case of mistaken identity

desi in ottawa   
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His third wife lives in Brampton. Her house is being shown on Indian tv channels. House is equipped with latest gadegets, bullet proof doors and windows, close circuit cameras, etc. Cops have estimated his total assets to be Rs. 35-40 crores. No wonder he was carrying nearly a million Euros cash with him in Nepal.

Is Canada a heaven for these types?


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He is a PR of Canada.
I read in the voice daily (Desi newspaper of the GTA) that if he had been caught in Canada, then there would have been a hue and cry about transporting him to India as Human rights would have aruged that he would be subjected to torture and that they speculated that he would have hired a good lawyer and would have voided all chanced of being deported to India. So it is good news that he was nabbed in Nepal where the Indian govt. was able to exert pressure to have him exradicated.
TK a

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